Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Season 2, Episode 18: "Selfless, Brave, and True"

"I've lived a life of selfishness, cowardice, and dishonesty, and only I can cure that. Not magic. Not science. Just me."-August W. Booth/Pinnochio
You guys, I am so sorry! This should not be this late, I am a horrible blog owner. Forgive me! I didn't even get to see the episode until Monday night. 
So, this episode was. . .um. . .well, in all honesty it was really bad. I have no idea how else to put it because so much of it was just dumb. I'm going to structure a bit differently this time since I have so many thoughts. Just bear with me, okay?

So, the August backstory was actually not that terrible. It provided some insight into his character and I loved the Lost-esque opening. The issue is that they did something amazingly racist in this segment, and that was the whole mystical Asian thing. The girls on the "Other Side of the Mirror" podcast were talking about this a lot, and I just know that Adam and Eddy are going to get massacred for it. Guys. This segment would have been pretty good if not for the Dragon. The Dragon was so dumb, especially because he has NOTHING to do with anything else going on in the show. 
Oh! Speaking of things that are completely ridiculous and stupid and pointless: Greg and Tamara. This was so unrealistic, strange, and disgusting that I wanted to die a little bit. First off, it was predicted by the fans instantly, which has done before with other things (nealfire). But with the whole Nealfire was actually a good idea that WORKED. There is nothing about this that works. It was predictable, and it's stupid. Sorry guys, I'm just really not amused by this.
Tamara as a character is just obnoxious, and we all know that she's just there to make an obstacle for Swanfire/Swan Thief. Her whole obsession with magic seems like it's just another thing to make her evil. I hope there is more to this that is less ridiculous. Also the taser is really, really dumb. How does taser beat mystical mushu? How does taser beat Pinnochio?
Also, I'm going to address the idea that there is racism presented in the fact that Tamara is "evil". I really don't think so. As it happens, yes, she is a woman of color, but I do not think the writers were taking a stab at other POCs with her character. I highly doubt Adam and Eddy were thinking that all black people are hoodlums who do around tasering everyone. It's a Tamara thing, not a POC thing.
The absolute worst thing in this was definitely that they made Pinnochio seven years old, though. I mean. . .
Wooden Swan shippers. . .I am so sorry. I know that if this happened to Neal or Emma, or to Rumpelstiltskin or Belle, I would be out to kill the writers. You guys do not deserve this.
As you all probably recall, in the episode "Manahattan", Mr. Gold says: "I can take away the pain", to which Nealfire responds, "Take away who I am? No thanks."
The point of me mentioning that quote this that they took away who August is. The utterly demolished his character by making him seven again. I can't think of any other way to put it. They should have killed him off. They really, really should have killed him off.
Okay, I'm almost done grilling the show, but there's one more thing I want to address, and that is dropped storylines. They have given us some really promising storylines throughout the season, and all of them get dropped instantly. Here are some examples:
-Belle being an amnesiac.
-Charming and Snow's arguing about going back to FTL gets occasional screentime, I guess.
-Mulan, Aurora, and Phillip.
-Regina wanting to get Henry back.
-Hook. Someone tell me: WHAT IS THE POINT OF HOOK?
-Henry being Rumple's undoing.
-We got about thirty seconds to address everything about the last episode. That had better not be the only thing we get.
I mean, instead of addressing all of these things, we meet "The Dragon" and find a way to drop the Pinnochio story!
Alright. That was my last complaint. Emma, Henry, Neal, Regina and Charming were all very nice in this episode. Snow was okay too.

-What's the deal with Tamara? What do you guys think will happen with her?
-Do you think we'll see the Dragon again?
-Where do ya'll think Owen's dad is? Do you believe Regina?
-Aren't you just so overjoyed about the hiatus? *sarcasm*
-What'd ya'll think of August here?
-Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of Rumple? And basically every other character. . .
-How did you feel about this episode?

Okay, that's all from me! Have a bearable hiatus and stay magical! Hit me up on twitter if you have questions (@OUAFanBlog), or leave a comment.


  1. I wasn't going to comment on this episode given that you're always told 'if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say anything at all' but you put a lot of work into this review so i shall at least reward you with some feedback.

    I didn't enjoy this episode at all, it was pointless and just bored me. It was like they had to address what happened with pinocchio/august and just went 'oh well shove this episode in'

    Again we have to wait for the next episode..why??? what is the point in running a series and then breaking it up countless times with weeks of waiting.

    TBH I really don't know if I can be bothered to watch anymore. I'm very disappointed.

    1. I am completely in agreement. This episode was a mess.
      However, it was written by some off-writers who I don't like anyway so I'm going to give the show a chance to redeem itself.
      I don't want to stop watching, but I really wish,they hasn't aired this episode.

  2. Definitely an episode FAIL...from start to finish I just sat there going WTF???!!! Why oh why did August turn into a little boy?! and I don't even GET what Tamara's obsession with magic is. She and Owen both just need to GET A LIFE. And on the spoilers for "next week" they said Robin Hood is coming?! I think I can handle not having some new characters until they resolve some of the storyline issues you were talking about.

    That being said, I did feel kind of vindictively happy that Tamara was evil, because that way SwanFire can live happily ever after!! (sort of)


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