Sunday, January 20, 2013

Season 2, Episode 12: "In the Name of the Brother"

"You're not going to believe what I saw"
I'm sorry, but I just...I simply have no words right now (but don't worry, I'll find them). I mean, Jane Espenson is so freaking amazing when she writes ONCE. For real. "Skin Deep" last season and now this. That lady deserves some serious applause. 
I have been so completely floored by this episode. WOW. 

Victor was portrayed SO WELL by David Anders. He deserves a  lot of Emmys for this performance, and the way Jane wrote him was fantastic. I was feeling so horrible for the character, and yet also incredibly confused by lots of his actions. He's a well rounded character, and I would love to see some more of him. 
The Brother came off interestingly. The relationship between him and Victor was very complex, and it was definitely one that was understandably devastating for Victor, even though he was the under-appreciated son. Their Father was a complete jackwagon and I am perfectly at peace with the fact that Frankenstein's monster choked him to death, even though it was a gruesome and eye-popping thing to see. 
I can't help wondering why Rumple wanted to learn Victor's science. I mean, he did say his deceased were better off resting in the heart or something. Perhaps he was thinking of Belle? Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to hang out with Victor and get their boy band started. 

Regina, my poor bb! I know I always say I like her evil, but seriously, that was heartbreaking. Especially because I do think she should be Henry's mother, much as I like Emma. And who knows, what with Emma being gone, Regina might just get her wish. 
Hook. You are stupid. You are a very dumb man, and as Emma pointed out, dead guy of the year to boot. 
Cora is such a nasty *bites back profanity to keep blog acceptable*...woman! My god! And what WAS all that with her and Rum! I am so not cool with her going around tormenting everyone like she does! I finally know the feeling of being an Evil Regal, and watching her mess with Regina all the bloody time. She's a miserable person and I beg the writers to rid us of her. 
I feel like the Charmings were not relevant at all, so I'm skipping over them for now. 
So, that guy from Pennsylvania!! I am so excited to see what goes down with him and all of Storybrooke. I think it'll be mega-interesting. 
I wanted to avoid talking about Belle because that girl combined with Jane's fantastic writing was just way too much for me. I mean...the cup. THE CHIPPED CUP. She called it "a cup" he said "what is this?" and she was like, "it's...a cup". And I said "NO BB ITS NOT JUST A CUP YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ISN'T FAIR!!" Seeing her that way was insane. And I have a strange theory about that. Since when you cross the line, your SB identity becomes your only identity, perhaps we'll see who Belle was before remembering, and perhaps we'll see that she wasn't institutionalized for no reason. Maybe Belle actually is crazy. I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there. 
Gold's expressions were the most painful thing to witness in the episode. Robert Carlyle for ALL THE AWARDS! That man is a complete revelation! I just hope he can get Belle back. 

-I wonder how Emma and Gold are gonna be as traveling buddies
-More Frankenwhale, please! David Anders plays him so nicely, and it is very sexy. 
-So, like, when is the bonfire for Cora? I mean the one where we put her in it.
-The Charmings were being so insensitive toward Rum in this episode. His true love just forgot about him, have a little sympathy! He is the only one who is even good at your relationship!
-What is the twisted backstory with Cora and Rumple!? I really want to know!
-Sooo...Red Whale? Is that a thing now? 
-If Rumple kills much of a tragedy would that really be? Kidding! Kind of...
-Belle better fix that cup when she remembers, and also be waiting for him with with some, uh...activity plans
-Jane Espenson is a writing goddess. Sorry, did I say that already? Too bad. 
-Also, I promise I didn't put that gif on here because I hate you, I promise. 
I think that's all I've got! Have a pleasant THREE WEEKS (Why?????) and I will see you then! Comment or send me your stuff on twitter, @OUAFanBlog and I will see ya'll soon! Stay magical, I love you guys!


  1. Did anyone else hear Cora say "our child" or am I am damn lunatic???

  2. I noticed when "Crazy Belle" was first looking at the cup she referred to it as 'damaged' as if she was talking about herself. Poor Belle.
    I noticed that the Charmings and even the dwarfs haven't said anything about Sneezy/Mr Clark either, you'd think the dwarfs would be hoping Gold would find them a cure for Sneezy since Belle has the same problem.

    I think Rumple met with Frankenstein a couple years before he first met Belle.

    So many people shipping Ruby and Whale now.

    This was a really good episode, as sad as it was there were so many funny parts. I love Espenson's writing.

  3. Yeah it was covered in an earlier episode that once you cross the line you forget your FT life and only remember your SB one. With belle this doesn't make sense tho, as her SB life has only ever been incarcerated and when she didn't remember who she was before she still should have remembered that she was freed and sent to rumple who she was told would look after her. So makes no sense why she suddenly doesn't remember even if he just becomes that guy who gave her some clothes and said he would look after her.

    Episode on the whole was excellent, and the broken cup represents broken belle i'd say and we'll eventually see the cup fixed when belle is better.

    Go rumple!!!

  4. Everyone just seems to be walking all over Rumple now...I wanted him to kill Hook or burn something down, like the hospital when he walked in. Need more Rumple havoc and less Gold calm right now lol.... Can't wait for something big to happen now!

  5. WHO"S BAE??? WHO'S BAE?? WHO'S BAE?!!!!! I need to know!!! must...have...reunion!!!

    I don't believe any of Cora's crap about wanting her daughter back...She must have SOME ulterior motive...whyyyy does she mess with everyone's minds?!

    I don't get why Rumple didn't just fix the cup with magic. Duhhh. I guess he just gave up. But not really, since he threatened to wipe out the Charmings if anything happened to her while he was away...

  6. Yeah I agree with the last two comments. COME ON GOLD SHOW US YOU STILL HAVE RUMPLE IN THERE!!!!! BE THE DARK ONE AGAIN!!!!


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