Sunday, March 25, 2012

Season 1, Episode 17: "Hat Trick"

"I cannot lose my family"-Emma
Nice episode. Not the best. but also not the worst. It was kind of a filler, but it was a good filler. I enjoyed the Mad Hatter's story, though it was a bit similar to Rumple's. Anyway, I'm excited to start discussing. 

Regina really has a heart of darkness. Yes, she went to the Wonderland to rescue her father, but she ruined someone else's life along the way. It shows that she does love him, though. Her father, I mean. But the sad thing is that she rescued him, she ruined the Mad Hatter's life, and then she killed him. 
The Mad Hatter is a more complex character. I feel like all these stories of what happened to all the characters (Grumpy, Queenie, the Mad Hatter) are all more or less the same. They all lose someone they love, and then their entire personality and life changes because of it. While the Hatter had an interesting story, I'm not sure it was the best. 
Not much else to discuss here. 

Mary Margaret was really setting herself up for disaster with this whole running away from jail thing. I mean, whether Gina set it up or not, she's the one who ran away. She didn't have to, but she did. And (hello, karma) she got kidnapped. 
Jefferson. That was one more person who knew. And it's also one more happy ending destroyed. This show really isn't about fairytales. Because fairytales have happy endings, and none of these stories do. Jefferson said that everything he loved had been ripped from him, just like everyone else in Storybrooke. But everyone in Storybrooke (with the exception of Snow and Charming and Abigail and Frederick) has their happy ending ripped from them long before they came to Storybrooke.  Now, many of them seem better off (with the exception of Katherine...)
Emma seems a lot more willing to believe now then she was in any of the previous episodes. The creators already said that there would not be an "aha" moment for her this season, but she will see how whacked things are in Storybrooke. 
Regina and Mr Gold working together? You have got to be kidding me. I will never understand where Gold is coming from. It seems like he's more on Emma's side than Regina's, which makes sense. He didn't seem to like Gina much in the Enchanted Forest. However he's definitely not on Snow and Charming's side either. That's what makes him this crazy complex character. However, I think the first step to us understanding who he is would be him finding Belle. I've read on multiple spoiler websites that she'd be back more toward the end of the season, but now I'm starting to doubt their words. 

-Will we see the Mad Hatter again?
- What happened to Katherine?
-What's up with Regina and Gold? Whose side is he on?

"The Stable Boy"
We'll find out what Snow did to Queenie.

And thanks to OUAT, I have started watching every episode of LOST in order, so now I can understand all those references.

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  1. Saw it, and while Mr Gold was in it there was no Rumple ;-( All in all a bit of a boring episode and no i won't post spoilers except to say 'Bad Rumpy!'


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