Sunday, March 10, 2013

Season 2, Episode 16: "The Miller's Daughter"

"Oh, I'm full of love"-Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold
So, I'm in shock. 
That was really, really good. I'm not sure I liked it as much as the last two, but you can tell from this that the show is getting REAL. I mean, I'm starting to feel as crazy as I did when last season started getting like this. There's just so much going on and I am not sure if I can even fir everything I want to say into one post, but I'm going to try!

So, the gist of this was Rumpelstiltskin and Cora. I was mainly just really confused about this whole thing. I'm a little upset that we didn't get more time with it because there was so much going on in Storybrooke. We all know from "Skin Deep" that Jane Espenson writes a killer love story. However, the difference between this one and that one is that Rumple and Cora were given so little screen time. With "Skin Deep" we had a major emphasis on the Fairytale portion and very little on Storybrooke. Unfortunately, we sort of had to spend a lot of time with Storybrooke, and so we hardly got to see the whole relationship with Cora and Rumpelstiltskin. The good thing about it was that it was SO sexy. Robert Carlyle deserves the Emmy for Most Arousing Performance. No, really. I think they should make that a thing just for him. 
The reason I was really confused was that this episode was written by Jane Espenson, who obviously is fully aware of the whole true love's kiss thing, so someone was lying their leather pants/fancy dress off. One didn't love the other, and I know we all want to say it was Cora, but then why did she rip out her heart? I'm thinking the whole thing was just lust and that Rumple was really more infatuated with Cora than in love with her. 
Another thing was that while I'm glad that Regina PROBABLY isn't the daughter of Rumpelstiltskin, nothing is set and stone. Regina could easily have been Rumple's daughter by the looks of things. I mean, Cora and Rumple were "together" the day before her wedding. Who's to say whether or not Regina is actually related to Rumpelstiltskin? I demand an explanation. 
One question: How in the world did Henry end up being three feet taller and mexican?
So, I get that Eva was kind of mean to Cora, but I feel like that really was not worth killing her over. . .

Emma didn't do a ton here except stand by while everyone went crazy and have an internal debate with herself about Neal, because we all know that she DOES care about him being engaged and she's probably thinking that he's part of her family now. The other thing about Emma is that she used magic, really used it, and she liked it. Looks like someone is beginning to understand Regina a bit more. 
I felt so horrible for Regina. The worst thing about it was that she spent her entire life trying to convince herself that her mother loved her when she didn't, and when she finally did, it was too late. Now, of course, we have an evil Regina again, which I am fully okay with, especially now that we are done with Cora. 
The whole conversation between Mr. Gold and Belle was so completely heartbreaking I could nor even deal with it. 
The only thing that broke my heart more was the thing with Mr. Gold and Neal. That was so incredibly sad because at that moment you can just see how much those two still really do love each other, and I hope that now they can explore that relationship even more. Although Gold is going to have some stuff to own up to after convincing Snow to kill Cora!
Which brings me to Snow. Now, I was totally rooting for her up until she handed the heart to Regina. She should have just done it herself, because giving the heart to Gina showed her that her mother could be good. Now she's never going to forgive her. Snow had to make a choice: She was either going to kill Rumpelstiltskin or kill Cora. With Rumple, Henry would be devastated, and if Belle ever gets her memory back she would be gunning for the Charmings. With Cora, she really wouldn't be losing nearly as much if she had done it herself, or if she had simply returned Cora's heart to her and let Rumple die a natural death. Sure, Henry wouldn't be especially happy, but at least she would have a better explanation. However, the tactic she chose was terrible, and now we have more bloody drama. 
It was time for Cora to go, but I was actually kind of sad about it. I know it was predictable, but the way they did it really wasn't. I thought it was original and fascinating, as well as heartbreaking, and I give them props for it. 

-Okay so who do you guys think was lying about being in love? Rumple or Cora? Or maybe it WAS love, but it wasn't TRUE love? Thoughts?
-So, I think we'll be getting more with this loser fiancee of Neal's (kidding, she's not a loser since we haven't even seen her yet), what do ya'll think will happen there?
-Favorite line, "Hey, you're not allowed to be surprised anymore, Mr. Son-of-Rumpelstiltskin!"
-There's a little debate on tumblr about the fact that Snow thought it was okay to kill Cora, who is technically Henry grandmother, but not Rumpelstiltskin, who is his grandfather. People are saying that it's all about the adoption issue. Personally, I disagree because Henry never really met Cora and he was actually pretty psyched about Rumple being is grandpa. I think that's what Snow was thinking. What do you guys think?
-Next week's episode is the hotly anticipated "Welcome to Storybrooke". If you've kept up with spoilers, you know what that means. After that we have "Selfless, Brave, and True", which is all about my *least* favorite wooden person, and after that we go on a very painful FOUR WEEK HIATUS before another episode that everyone is psyched about, "Lacey," and after that we're in the final stretch of episodes. I'll make a post tomorrow about upcoming episodes tomorrow, but for now, that's the gist of it. 
-*spoiler* we're getting Graham back next week! In a flashback, though, so don't let your hopes get too high. Magic isn't back THAT much. 
-Looks like Snow may be getting a little darker. Thoughts?
-What did you guys think of the episode?

That's all I've got! See ya'll next week, and have a very magical week! Questions and comments go to the comment section or to my lovely twitter, @OUAFanBlog. Stay magical, you guys! 


  1. I don't think it was true love...Bell and Rumple took time and started to fall for each other. Then they had their first kiss, which was passionate and all. Cora and him just kissed all the time and it didn't feel like there was anything real behind it. Like a fleeting attraction, or infatuation.

    As for killing Cora or Rumple...I'd kill Cora every time. Rumple has been pretty nice and somewhat helpful and they need him if they ever need magical help. Considering Regina won't do it. Meanwhile, Cora just wanted power and to kill/rule people.

    Loved the ending where it was like the 2 good heroes(charmings) and then across from them the kind of reborn evil(kind of) magicians. Like Rumple was reborn from almost dying and Regina was reborn as full evil again.

    Can't wait to see what goes down next....I want to know what Rumple's "undoing" means..losing power, losing sons trust, dying and what he's going to do about it...Also, Evil Regina woo!
    Wow that was

  2. I think it can still be love and not be true love. I think they were both in love with each other. I don't think either was lying.

    I don't think Regina is Rumple's daughter. We don't know for sure that he and Cora were together that night. And Cora says that any child she had wouldn't be his. She couldn't say this if they had been together.

  3. I agree with heidi, they could have been in love, but not true love... think of when charming was kissing whats her face in the first season. He was conflicted because he wanted to be with snow, but still loved his apparent 'wife/girlfriend'... so i think true love is something that is so rare and precious which is why it has such power.

    With snow, i think it was more about doing what you had to to protect your family. She heard that cora and regina wanted to kill her and her family, so she was more motivated to do what she had to to protect those she cared about and her family. It had nothing to do with the adoption side.

    Poor regina tho, she's getting screwed over at every opportunity that it is hard to not root for her that she gets some payback.

    My rumpy was in great form tonight, and that belle thing on the phone had me choked up too...OUAT writers do something!!! heal her right now and let them be together!!!!

  4. Wow...I was wondering where Belle had gotten to...and then THE PHONE CALL...

    Cora's death wasn't satisfying. Up until that moment I really wanted her to leave, and then she got her heart back and it was nice for 2 seconds. ARGH!!!

    Random fiancee is making me angry. Watch her be a fairytale character too.

  5. With snow, i think it was more about doing what you had to to protect your family. She heard that cora and regina wanted to kill her and her family, so she was more motivated to do what she had to to protect those she cared about and her family. It had nothing to do with the adoption side.

    Oh please! Snow White was thinking of killing Cora out of revenge for the deaths of her mother and Johanna. Period. I am getting tired of fans making excuses for her, because her victim was evil. If she really wanted Cora dead to save the town and her family, why not allow David to do the deed. At least he didn't have vengeance and evil in his heart. Just because Snow is one of the "good guys", does not make her incapable of pure evil. She has more than made it clear in both "Into the Moon", when she tried to kill Mulan; and in this episode that she is just as capable of evil as Rumpel, Cora and Regina.

    Why is that so hard to accept?

    1. I think you may have misunderstood me...I think Snow is absolutely capable of evil, I was merely thinking of her motives. I also agree with you, that part of it may have been about revenge.
      She was trying to protect her family though. she knew that Cora would try to hurt them and that may have just been the final push toward her actually killing Cora.
      I think that all of the characters have good and evil in them. I wasn't trying to make excuses for Snow.


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