Sunday, October 27, 2013

Season 3, Episode 5: "Good Form"

"Does anyone know what happens to sailors who drink rum? They become pirates."-Killian Jones/Captain Hook
Alrighty! This was a decent episode. I definitely had some issues with it but for the most part, it was good. I'm also VERY excited for next week! (warning: spoilers are about to ensue) Ursula! Ariel! Ahhh, it's going to be great! Although I must say that I laughed so much when i saw Regina's Ursula geddup.
Hook Flashback/Fairytale Land(?)
Alright so, obviously, we got a tragic backstory on Hook to make it seem like he's actually a really good guy. It honestly wasn't that bad though. And actually when they were talking about his brother at the beginning I was like "brother...Killian Jones...Jones...Davy Jones??" But alas, I was wrong. It's just some weirdo named Liam so whatever. Either way, this story really did not bother me that much. Although that furry sail was really dumb. I really liked Colin o' Donoghue's acting in that last scene (the one where they decided to be pirates). That was really awesome even though the whole thing escalated kind of really quickly. But as far as things on ONCE that bug me go, this was pretty decent. Plus it was nice to get more backstory on Hook because I was getting bored with him just being some sassy pirate who hates Rumple and makes penis jokes all the time. 
Is Peter Pan the new Rumple? For real, it seems like he's in every story...
Alright, I'm going to say it right now: Emma seemed incredibly OOC in all her scenes with Hook. The whole Emma/Hook romance was just not built up enough. I feel like they were going for a Jack/Elizabeth sort of thing but this just had so much less impact than the kiss in "Dead Man's Chest". Don't get me wrong, I liked the Hook/Emma kiss, but there was just not enough buildup for it to be extremely meaningful. The aftermath though! The way Hook touched his mouth all sexy-like and Emma had that look on her face. . .to me, that was better than anything they have done with Captain Swan in the past. This is not took say that Emma and Hook have such a beautiful love that was clearly intended from the start because it wasn't. At least, I do not think it was. I really think this is a 'shippers wanted it' sort of thing. 
I knew they weren't going to kill off Charming. The writers are boring in that department. That's all I'm saying on this. 
Hook was actually pretty cool here except for when he suddenly had this intense interest in Emma. (I'm sorry guys, but it was SO sudden). I liked that he saved Charming and didn't take Pan's deal. I think it was actually more about the fact that Hook is actually a decent person (which I've always thought. I never really say Hook as a serious villain) than his need to make Emma love him! I'm looking at this as character development as opposed to his chivalry for Emma.
Henry did not like the mirror-skyping, and I want to see where that goes. 
Pan is awesome. I'm going to be so mad if they kill him off because he is actually the coolest. 
Everyone else was kinda dumb so they don't get their names in bold today. 

Lingering thoughts/Questions/Musings:
- So like where was Neal...and Rumple...and Belle? Is Belle even still on this show?
-How much do you wanna bet that Charming will find some powerful water or something of that nature to leave Neverland? You're whimps, writers. Everyone knows it. 
-May we have some Peter Pan backstory please?\
-There was an apollo bar! Did anybody else see that!?
-What do you think will happen with Henry?
-What do you think will happen with Captain Swan? Swanfire?

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Season 3, Episode 4: "Nasty Habits"

"I'm not a boy anymore, Felix. And I sure as hell ain't lost."-Neal/Baelfire
Hello, and sincere apologies! Being the Colorado inhabitant that I am, missing the remainder of the *disappointing* football game was simply out of the question, so that's my excuse.  Anyway, this episode was awesome to me! I mean, it wasn't fantasically high quality, but it was ridiculously entertaining! I was not bored for even a second. I think that these episodes just keep getting better, and that's certainly a change from last season, where we would get decent episode, then crappy episode, then kinda-okay episode. . .this season is just awesome by comparison. 
Fairytale Land:
I'm so excited that they told he Pied Piper/Peter Pan story! Someone tweeted me saying it was stupid, but I humbly disagree. I think it was an excellent way to display a lot of new things about Rumple, Bae, and even Peter Pan. When they revealed that Peter and Rum and even more backstory than we had originally assumed, I was almost giddy because I know that story is going to be so fantastic and we might get to see a young Rumple, which is so beyond any awesomeness I could have predicted! I think that story will reveal more about Peter than anything else, and also a lot about Rumpelstiltskin. 
Now, I think that this episode really delved into Rumpelstiltskin's character because it showed exactly how terrified he was of abandonment. Everyone left him, and it only seemed rational in his mind that Bae would do the same. It showed me a lot about Rumple, and as usual, Robert Carlyle played it magnificently. 
Baelfire was, well. . .I don't really know how to describe it. A lot of people, including me, were like "what an ungrateful kid!" but in actuality, Bae has watched his father kill people and the thing that upset him was that Rumpelstiltskin didn't think he would stay. That's actually pretty amazing. He really loved his Papa, and I think he still does. It's such an interesting relationship and I really loved how they did this. 

Okay, okay, so I'm going to just talk about this Charming death thing. Can I be totally real with you guys? I think these writers are such pussies and they are never actually going to kill off Prince Charming. They were gonna do it in season 1 and they flaked out so I really doubt they could get it up to do it this time. However, if they do I will probably just sit there on my couch screaming "OH MY GOD! THESE REALLY ARE THE WRITERS OF LOST!" Cause if you haven't seen Lost, I'll tell you one thing about it: they never flaked out on killing main characters. 
So I guess Henry has taken acid like all the other kids and now he's dancing and just yolo-ing it up. I don't know what they were going for with that ending but that's what I got from it. I guess dancing leads to hating your parents now. Maybe Adam and Eddy grew up in that town from Footloose. I am so sorry you guys, I know this is kind of a serious plotline but all I can do is make fun of it, forgive me. 
Rumple and Bae--oh crap, I meant Neal! Stop yelling at me, B--Neal! Seriously, why did Bae feel so insulted when people called him by the name that he was given by his parents when he was born? Anyway, I did like their whole confrontation and the fact that Rumple finally told his son about the prophecy. I think that the whole "something to live for" bit was a little ridiculous though. I mean, if anything, realizing that Bae was alive should only have motivated Rumple because he knows his son will hate him if any harm befalls Henry. But whatever. 
Belle being in Rumple's imagination is clearly only a part of the show to please the shippers. How about we actually see some of Storybrooke, hmmm?
Emma's speech about Neal was amazingly sweet, and her parent's reactions were really genuine. It was a nice touch and I loved it. 

Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings:
-Peter Pan's history with Rumple. I gotta know. 
-Is David actually gonna die?
-Is Henry gonna want to go back with Emma? Remember who is Daddy is. I think he will. 
-Was Henry actually asleep that whole time?
-The fact that they said "nasty habits" like 1800000000 times was so cheesy, just sayin. 
-Thoughts as to the Emma/Hook situation? Emma/Neal? I think a little Swan Queen could settle this. . .
-A lot of stuff that they established in the last episode kinda like fell off the face of the earth here.
-Are we ever gonna get to see SB?

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 2: "Trust Me"

Sorry it's late!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Season 3, Episode 3: "Quite a Common Fairy"

"When you love someone, you don't keep it in. You say it."-Neal/Baelfire
So after one mediocre episode and a halfway-decent one, the season is FINALLY taking off! This episode was fabulous, in my opinion, and it seems to have caused quite a stir with the fans. Some view this as a bad thing, but I think it's awesome that they've gotten such a strong reaction. And yes, as per usual, they could have done some things differently, but the quality of this episode definitely surpasses that of those before it. 

Fairytale Land:
Alright so we (unfortunately)  have The Blue Fairy to discuss. Now, she might just be the most confusing damn character on this show, actually. She seems to be constantly ruining everyone's life, whether it be intentional. And slay me for saying this, but she seemed to be a bit like a religion metaphor here, just in the sense that we had Tink say "Well that's not very fairy-like" and Blue tell her that was too bad and that Regina was a bad sort of person who did not deserve help. Was it just me who noticed that? Anyway, a lot of people seem to be thinking that the blue fairy is the evil mastermind behind everything on the show that goes wrong. Thoughts?
Tinkerbell was quite opposite the Disney version. She was so sweet and helpful as opposed to being hilariously jealous. It kind of worked though, and I can't complain much about it. To an extent though, she seemed like nothing more than a foil character for Regina, which is unfortunate. 
Regina was interesting here because we got to see that she isn't so much a victim as everyone says. She ran away from her own happiness. That's understandable, of course, just from a real-life perspective. Letting go of pain can make you feel like there won't be anything left of you (those are my deep thoughts for the day, guys.). Honestly, I thought it was good writing, and an interesting twist in the story.The whole thing with her telling Tink that she was a crappy fairy was really just weird, though. I didn't like it, but maybe that was just me.
The whole Tink/Regina standoff was absolutely the worst part of the episode for me. I thought it was dumb. It was well written, as everything by Jane Espenson is, but still dumb. I mean, who is Regina to be giving lectures about being a good fairy?
This Emma/Hook shenanigans seems like it's only there to please fans. To me it honestly feels like it is paining the writers to have to do it. It should be interesting though. I just feel like it's weird for both of the characters, though I did appreciate Regina's "Because your boyfriend wants to?" line and Mary Margaret's  "OMG she just lost Neal!" Let the shipper wars begin!
The Emma/Regina thing is just too complicated for me to wrap my head around. See, I like SwanQueen. Ya'll know I do. I just don't understand how the writers can be so insistent on avoiding it. It's a weird thing to discuss because the writers have completely sunk the idea, but they've still got this huge fan base for it and. . .I don't know. I really just don't know, guys. 
David I guess is like dying or something but won't tell Snow. Okay. 
Peter Pan is the coolest. I seriously would kill for his backstory at this point. 

Present FTL:
I am so happy that Neal found a way back to Emma before that guylinered punk got his hands on her. I'm kidding, but seriously, I think a Emma/Neal/Rumple/Henry reunion is in order asap. 
Now, okay. We have this whole Robin Hood is Regina's soulmate and I just...I mean, I respect that the writers aren't just doing what a couple fans wanted but to me this is really random. It's like they're handing us this thing like "Here you go Regina fans! Now STFU about her being alone. No, SwanQueen is not happening." Am I alone in thinking this? I mean, I'm trying to trust the show to handle it well, but honestly I have some serious trust issues with ONCE. 
The silver lining to this episode (which was already pretty good) was the Mulan/Aurora thing that they FINALLY established. I could not have been any happier. And yes, I cried when Aurora said she was pregnant. Like goddamn Phillip, control your effing sperm. It's going to be such a great story and I am SO excited for it. I honestly can't believe there's fans freaking out about it like it's a bad thing. The story's not over, and it's going to be freaking awesome. 

Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings:
-It's like Zoey from HIMYM said: "Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things." So yeah, maybe the show destroyed the hearts of SwanQueen shippers, but Sleeping Warrior is happening you guys! Though in all honesty, I don't feel at all like SwanQueen is being replaced. 
-Peter Pan backstory. Now. I demand it. 
-Regina/Robin Hood? Thoughts? I mean, I was kinda hoping for some Evil Charming action with green-glowy dude. Damn. 
-More Tinkerbell?
-Are we like ever going to actually see Phillip? Just wondering...
-What do you think Tink and Hook's backstory is?

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Wonderland: Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot)

As promised, just a short podcast for you dearies to listen to, if you watched!
If you didn't, I would recommend it. I love the ideas they have for this show.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Plan For Wonderland!

So, if any of you have seen the promos for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland then you know that it looks absolutely fantastic and I certainly don't want to ignore it.

Basically, I'm super damn lazy when it comes to writing full blown reviews and since I know that a lot of you might not even watch Wonderland, I'm just going to do short podcasts for each episode. Please take the time to listen if you can!

Anyway, that's that. Just wanted to let ya'll know. I'm super stoked for Thursday, Wonderland seriously looks amazing!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Season 3, Episode 2: "Lost Girl"

"You may have been a princess, but you will never be a queen"-Regina
 Hello everyone! It's so good to be back! I hope ya'll had a lovely day (I'm sure you did as long as you're not a cowboys fan. Sorry, I had to.). This episode, honestly I don't know. It was not bad, but I think they could have done better. There were some awesome aspects and then some thing that were just totally hit and miss. Anyway, enough of me being annoying, on with the review!
Fairytale Land:
So, this was a lot about Snow and Charming and honestly, it was probably the most irritating part of the episode. I think that the writers have approached Snowing a lot of different ways and this one was always just...bad. I remember last year's "Lady of the Lake" or season 1's "Snow Falls", or "7:15 AM" and I just think that those Snowing-centric episodes were much better done than this one. I like that they support each other, but in my mind Snowing is really not as sappy as this shows they are. 
Regina was the better part of this. I love evil-Regina. I find her to be so much better and more interesting than the Regina we get in Storybrooke or the one we're getting right now. Regina's character is really flip-floppy, honestly. I think that's because the writers are trying to please everyone and sacrificing good writing to make that happen. Either way, she was really cool in FTL this episode and I loved that. 
The dwarfs were my absolute favorite. I loved them being sort of like older brothers to Snow, it was fabulous. 

Alright so I'm going to clump everybody who was annoying into one group and talk about them as briefly as possible. Snow, David, and Regina. So, they're pointless right now. Completely. I don't know what the writers were trying to pull with this, but it's super dumb. I don't know. That''s all I have to say about that. 
Hook is definitely not one of my favorite characters, but he was not that bad here. I liked him and his bromance with Charming, and I liked his whole flirtation with Emma to some extent. I wish we got some better backstory with Hook though. His character is falling flat for me because we don't know much about him. I think that was something Lost did really well. They made sure every character had a really good backstory so you felt connected to everyone. 
Emma was awesome. I like her toughness and her disapproval of Snow and Charming's bs. It was great. Much applause to Jen Morrison for selling that. 
And now, of course, we have the Rumpel/Belle thing. So, I love rumbelle. You guys know I do. But I fully thought that this entire little thing was only in the episode to please the shippers. It was not bad, but it was a little pointless. I'm really being totally condescending though because if there was no rumbelle I'd also be upset. I don't know how to feel about this just ignore me. Emilie de Ravin looked absolutely stunning here though, she is flawless. 
Finally, Peter Pan. He is awesome. I really like him as a villain, but also just as a character in general. He's clearly got some amazing backstory that we had better hear. I'm so excited for Peter and I know that he's going to be awesome. Peter Pan wins my favorite character award for this episode. That should be a thing, shouldn't it? The favorite character award per episode?

Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings:
-So, the doll is from Rum's dad? Do you think we'll get that story in an episode?
-How are ya'll liking Peter Pan?
-Those Lost references. I honestly feel like they should rename this show "Fairytale characters visit the island"
-No Henry here. Good? Bad? Why???
-Tinker Bell next week!!
-How did ya'll like the episode?
-So, Merlin exists, and Camelot exists. Thoughts?
-No Neal. No Aurora. No Mulan. That's a little upsetting to me, actually. 
-I'm going to make a post about OUAT in Wonderland because it looks awesome!!!

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