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Season 3, Episode 3: "Quite a Common Fairy"

"When you love someone, you don't keep it in. You say it."-Neal/Baelfire
So after one mediocre episode and a halfway-decent one, the season is FINALLY taking off! This episode was fabulous, in my opinion, and it seems to have caused quite a stir with the fans. Some view this as a bad thing, but I think it's awesome that they've gotten such a strong reaction. And yes, as per usual, they could have done some things differently, but the quality of this episode definitely surpasses that of those before it. 

Fairytale Land:
Alright so we (unfortunately)  have The Blue Fairy to discuss. Now, she might just be the most confusing damn character on this show, actually. She seems to be constantly ruining everyone's life, whether it be intentional. And slay me for saying this, but she seemed to be a bit like a religion metaphor here, just in the sense that we had Tink say "Well that's not very fairy-like" and Blue tell her that was too bad and that Regina was a bad sort of person who did not deserve help. Was it just me who noticed that? Anyway, a lot of people seem to be thinking that the blue fairy is the evil mastermind behind everything on the show that goes wrong. Thoughts?
Tinkerbell was quite opposite the Disney version. She was so sweet and helpful as opposed to being hilariously jealous. It kind of worked though, and I can't complain much about it. To an extent though, she seemed like nothing more than a foil character for Regina, which is unfortunate. 
Regina was interesting here because we got to see that she isn't so much a victim as everyone says. She ran away from her own happiness. That's understandable, of course, just from a real-life perspective. Letting go of pain can make you feel like there won't be anything left of you (those are my deep thoughts for the day, guys.). Honestly, I thought it was good writing, and an interesting twist in the story.The whole thing with her telling Tink that she was a crappy fairy was really just weird, though. I didn't like it, but maybe that was just me.
The whole Tink/Regina standoff was absolutely the worst part of the episode for me. I thought it was dumb. It was well written, as everything by Jane Espenson is, but still dumb. I mean, who is Regina to be giving lectures about being a good fairy?
This Emma/Hook shenanigans seems like it's only there to please fans. To me it honestly feels like it is paining the writers to have to do it. It should be interesting though. I just feel like it's weird for both of the characters, though I did appreciate Regina's "Because your boyfriend wants to?" line and Mary Margaret's  "OMG she just lost Neal!" Let the shipper wars begin!
The Emma/Regina thing is just too complicated for me to wrap my head around. See, I like SwanQueen. Ya'll know I do. I just don't understand how the writers can be so insistent on avoiding it. It's a weird thing to discuss because the writers have completely sunk the idea, but they've still got this huge fan base for it and. . .I don't know. I really just don't know, guys. 
David I guess is like dying or something but won't tell Snow. Okay. 
Peter Pan is the coolest. I seriously would kill for his backstory at this point. 

Present FTL:
I am so happy that Neal found a way back to Emma before that guylinered punk got his hands on her. I'm kidding, but seriously, I think a Emma/Neal/Rumple/Henry reunion is in order asap. 
Now, okay. We have this whole Robin Hood is Regina's soulmate and I just...I mean, I respect that the writers aren't just doing what a couple fans wanted but to me this is really random. It's like they're handing us this thing like "Here you go Regina fans! Now STFU about her being alone. No, SwanQueen is not happening." Am I alone in thinking this? I mean, I'm trying to trust the show to handle it well, but honestly I have some serious trust issues with ONCE. 
The silver lining to this episode (which was already pretty good) was the Mulan/Aurora thing that they FINALLY established. I could not have been any happier. And yes, I cried when Aurora said she was pregnant. Like goddamn Phillip, control your effing sperm. It's going to be such a great story and I am SO excited for it. I honestly can't believe there's fans freaking out about it like it's a bad thing. The story's not over, and it's going to be freaking awesome. 

Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings:
-It's like Zoey from HIMYM said: "Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things." So yeah, maybe the show destroyed the hearts of SwanQueen shippers, but Sleeping Warrior is happening you guys! Though in all honesty, I don't feel at all like SwanQueen is being replaced. 
-Peter Pan backstory. Now. I demand it. 
-Regina/Robin Hood? Thoughts? I mean, I was kinda hoping for some Evil Charming action with green-glowy dude. Damn. 
-More Tinkerbell?
-Are we like ever going to actually see Phillip? Just wondering...
-What do you think Tink and Hook's backstory is?

Thanks for reading!! I hope ya'll have a fabulous week and I will see you all on Thursday for Wonderland goodness :) Follow me on twitter @OUAFanBlog. I love you all!

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