Sunday, April 22, 2012

Season 1, Episode 19: "The Return"

"You're not my son. My son would never do this to me"-Mr. Gold
Honestly, I though a more fitting quote for this episode was Regina's "evil doesn't always look evil"...but more on that later. This was such a whirlwind, emotional episode. It was infuriating, but absolutely amazing. And it actually kind of reminded me why I don't usually watch dramas. Either way, this was definitely the best episode yet. Besides "Skin Deep" because, let's face it, I'll never get over that one. Anyway, let's get to it.

Rumple and Bae- This was incredibly heartbreaking. I mean, this show really has a way of hating on Rumple. He lost his son in this horrible, horrible way. Then he found love with Belle and that was ripped from him because thanks to sweet little Baelfire, he didn't believe anyone could ever love him. And that is the most horrible, horrible thing of all. I just can't take the fact that they paint him as the bad guy when everything he does is for a good reason. He created that curse to find his son, and look how that turned out (and believe me, I'm ready to get into that and start ripping August 'the Faker' Booth to shreds)...but more on that later. 
The Blue Fairy-Lets face it, we all hated her in "Dreamy" but that was nothing compared to that. Her role here was one of the reasons I think Regina's "evil doesn't always look evil" line really worked in this episode. Because that damn fairy/nun is evil. She destroys people's happiness just like Regina, but she makes it look like she's doing something good. She told Grumpy that Nova could only be a good fairy if they weren't together, I mean, really. That's horrible. Especially because she literally crushed his happiness. He changed his name to Grumpy because of her. But the worst thing about that little piece know that she told Bae the only way the curse could be broken is if they went to a land without magic, and that is a load of crap. Is I recall, the curse was broken when he shared true love's kiss with Belle. Ever think of letting Bae in on that, Miss Blue Fairy?
---end of ridiculous rant----

Mr Gold- He's just too awesome and perfect. Seriously. All he wanted was his son. He even told Archie about it. That's how badly he wanted it. But, someone ruined it, and I swear I'm getting to it, but I'm saving that for last. 
Mary M and David- Yup. They're a mess. But I'm sure they'll work it out. 
Sydney and Regina- I mean, this was just downright depressing. We all know Regina is evil, but that was really cruel. Sydney is more subject to her power to anyone. He already was in the Enchanted Forest, but at least there he knew it. Now he's just being fooled into taking the blame for her...okay, fine. Gold's...stuff. Speaking of which...
Katherine- That poor girl. I feel so, so bad for her. She's such a sweetheart, and she's actually becoming one of my favorite characters. Even though I love Gold to death, it kind of makes me mad that he locked her up. But he didn't hurt her, right? So...I guess maybe it's okay. 
August 'I'm a big giant jerk and need to go shoot myself in a hole before someone else does because, believe me, they will' Booth- I hate this guy. SO MUCH. Like, think about when Regina killed Graham or when she told Rumple Belle was dead. Think about how mad you were. Now multiply that anger by a bajillion. You now have in your mind my feelings toward August. I can't even THINK his name without my hands shaking and my teeth chattering. You were right, Regina. Evil doesn't always look evil. Evil doesn't always act evil. Sometimes, evil can fool you into thinking they're good and want to make things right in a place where everything is wrong. But they're still evil. My biggest problem was the fact that he brought out that amazing, perfect, innocent Rumple we saw in "Skin Deep"...and smashed him to pieces. Now, I never liked August. He reminded me a little bit of Ben from LOST, now more that ever. Because he's a faker. He pretended to be someone he wasn't, and then complains about being sick or dying or whatever. I just...I hate that. I hate that you can be that absolutely CRUEL and HEARTLESS. How can anyone think of doing something like that to another person? I just don't get it. 
However, great segment, because it really stuck with me. 
----end of second ridiculous rant----

-Guys. Please don't ever write "we're glad you didn't kill Mrs. Nolan" on a card. 
-Anyone else cry at the fake Baelfire/ Gold moment? Then want to kill someone when you found out it was fake?
-For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, August is Pinocchio. Sorry, I never said this was a spoiler-free blog.  So, how do you think that will play out?
-Do you think August is really going to die...because I sure hope so!! Sorry, that was mean. 
-How is this going to work between Gold and August from here on out?
-So, we saw where Belle is...but where's Bae???
-What's going to go down with the whole Katherine thing?
-What did you think of the episode?

"The Stranger"
It's about Pinocchio. And someone I'd rather not discuss at this point. 

Hello, writers? Yup, it's me, Samantha. You have just made my week very OUAT-oriented.


  1. Lol great review.

    I also agree with your rants, 10000000% Although even though this was a ver Mr Gold/Rumpy focused epsidoe, rumpy wasn't....rumpy. There was glimmers like in the bit where he said the maid could draw a picture, he had that glimmer of the rumpy we know and love, So I have to say massive hats off to the actor.

    I really hope he finds bae and belle, but I suspect he will be thrown into a situation were he will have to choose between them again.

    It's ironic i think also that people who are supposed to love you, love you for who yu are, yet both of them want to change him.

    I loves you rumpy!! *sighs* now if only my name began with B too.. I might have a shot ;-)

  2. Great Review, i love jane espenson episodes, this is amazing, 9,9/10

  3. GREAT REVIEW! Here is a thought provoking nugget.... Do you think Bae is Henry's father? I cant remember what Emma said exactly, just the "fake" story she gave Henry. This show just gets better and better. So sad we are close to the end, but cant wait to see what is revealed!


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