Sunday, February 17, 2013

Season 2, Episode 14: "Manhattan"

"The future is a puzzle"-Rumpelstiltskin/Seer
 That. Was. Gorgeous. Eddy and Adam are the Gods of television. Seriously, ONCE had better get some damned Emmys for that one. I mean...WOW! Definitely one of the best episodes of the season. THE BEST unless you'd like to plead "In the Name of the Brother."
Regina and Cora and Hook were being lame. Especially Regina levitating things when psycho-Belle and Greg-the-nosy-jerk were not far away. Hook just needed to calm down and think rationally about everything because he sucks at that. Cora just needs to stop because she is not going to be defeating Rumple in her wildest dreams. Nope. I refuse to believe it is even remotely possible. 
I demand that they stop abusing Belle. David and MM are the worst protectors ever. 
That conversation David and MM had basically sums up the entirety of the show. 
Greg needs to go away. 

Oh my God this was the saddest part of the episode I was crying. 
Milah was just being evil here, and I think what she told him when she was with Hook was total crap. It was easy to see from the start of the episode that there was a time when she did love him. Or at least a time when it really seemed like she did. 
The Seer was really just creepy, but I loved the twist at the end! That was super awesome!
And, of course, poor Rumple! I felt so, so sorry for him here! All he wanted was to be with his son and he ended up missing out on that! Saddest part of the episode by far. 

This. Was. Amazing. 
I'll start with Henry, who had every right to be mad at Emma for lying to him, but it was really lame of him to play the "you're just like Regina" card. Yes, Emma was very selfish by lying to him, but still. That was not a cool thing to say. Though I am so excited to see him get to know his dad. 
Nealfire was being a little unreasonable, I think. Of course he has a reason to want nothing to do with Rumple, but I think he should have given his dad a little bit of time to speak without the threat of hurting Emma. That was cute though, because you can see that he is still so in love with her, and the thing he said about his dad at the bar was really touching. 
Gold was a really confusing character throughout this whole thing. I feel like Belle needs to recover soon or he is going to end up doing a lot of things he'll end up regretting. It was also very sad to see that he wanted to use magic to fix everything. He should have known Bae wouldn't like that. 
And Emma was in rare form tonight. We actually got to see her show a bit of herself to people like Gold and Henry when she normally just puts up that wall MM talked about last season. I just hope that we get more of her and Neal. I mean, there's not much more of an option now, is there?

-So, I definitely think that Micheal Raymond James needs to be upgraded to a regular now. 
-I'm so happy that they made Neal Bae. I mean, if he wasn't, they would have missed out on a lot of stuff that they're getting to explore now. Even if you are unhappy with this turnout, you have to admit that it will be very interesting. 
-Okay, so...nobody hates August as much as I do, and even I am wondering where he went. It's been a really long time, and nobody has questioned anything. It seems like even Gepetto gave up. I know he will be featured in an upcoming episode ("Selfless, Brave, and True"), but it still was weird to me that when Neal mentioned him, Emma was just like "Oh yeah, I forgot he exists."
-Although, best like of the episode was definitely "YOU LEFT ME BECAUSE PINOCCHIO TOLD YOU TO!?" It really just tells why you can't explain ONCE to someone who doesn't watch it. 
-Ohmygod I could not believe none of us guessed what was in that box. That was awesome. 
-Did you guys see the promo!? *dies on the floor*
-So, I don't think Rum is actually going to kill Henry...but what do ya'll think was up with that?

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Season 2, Episode 13: "Tiny"

"Maybe death hurts less than life"-Anton

I am SO sorry I am late! I must ask that you lower your expectations of me! Anyway, nice episode tonight, I was impressed with a lot of things and it is excellent setup for the remainder of the season. 

So, James was definitely not the lovely, noble prince we might have assumed he was. He is actually the reality of an evil twin. That was not cool what he did to the Giant. Not cool at all. Shame on you, James. 
The "twist" of Jack being a girl was pretty lame, to be honest. I mean, it was cool at first but she was a really pointless character and it was more about James. She was just some chick he got with who happened to be named Jack.
Poor Anton, that was so mean! He was all nice to them and just wanted to see the world! He's like a male, giant Rapunzel! I really wanted to call him Hurley throughout it though, and every time they said "Anton" I had to remind myself that Lost is over and Hurley does not live in a castle with a family of giants. 

I can't believe that MM and David even having that argument. Actually, no, scratch that, they are not even having the argument! They're just like "hmmm do I like SB?" "I dunno, do YOU like SB??" It is quite frustrating. But other than that they were very adorable here, and I was having some massive Snowing-shipper-feels at the end after they defeated the giant. They really are perfect, I love it. 
Anton is a dwarf! And he has magic beans! And he's gonna plant them and everyone can go back to where they came from INCLUDING poor Dr. Frankenwhale! Oh man, that will be great. 
Hook didn't do really anything here except make sexual jokes and be Hook. 
Regina really should not be hanging out with Cora, but it's fun to see her bad again. Although when MM said that thing about how Emma doesn't have to run things by Gina I was like "UMM EXCUSE ME YES SHE DOES!" Gah, SwanQueen should really just be canon already it would make life so much easier. 
Belle! Oh my God excuse my sobbing I just...BELLE! It's so sad! And Ruby just trying to talk to her about it and help her to NOT freak out but she freaks out! And she won't let people call her Belle but she does not tell them what to call her and it is so painful to watch and you just know Gold is thinking about her and it is so painful. I said painful twice, huh?
And then we have Greg. Greg needs to leave. Greg needs to take his meds, and then a bus out of town. Greg is screwing everything up and hurting people's lives. Go away Greg. And don't be all friendly with Belle, she loves Rumple and is just an amnesiac at the moment can't you .                                                    understand that?

Henry gets the award for most hilariously clueless kid tonight. I mean, Gold is having magic-detox and crushing the freaking toilet seat cover dispenser in anguish while simultaneously dying inside because the reality of what is going down is finally dawning on him and Henry is just all like ""more frosting would make this the greatest day ever!"
And then Emma doesn't know if she should try and comfort Mr. Gold because she actually doesn't want to be there that much, but it would be mean of her to just be like "suck it up" so she's all comforting, but in the Emma-way so it kinda sucks a lot. 
Was that a good summary of this portion of the episode? I think so. 
-OMG WE KNOW CHARMING'S NAME I FEEL LIKE THE WORLD FINALLY MAKES SENSE...but not really because it was not a cool reveal and now all the David jokes sound mean. 
-It is so uncool of the Charmings to be mean to Gold. Like, excuse you, but he is the reason you two are finally together for real and his girlfriend just forgot who she was and is crazy, show some damn consideration!
-Henry. Oh Henry...
-Hook and his sexual jokes and Charming disapproving. 
-Anton: "I hate humans! All they do is lie and steal and kill and I'm sick of it!" Me too, dude. 
-Predictions for next week?
-What brand of gasoline will they use to burn Greg---I mean...what will happen to Greg?
-I'm excited for more of the Gold/Emma/Henry road trip. 
-Belle needs her memory back. 
-Don't trust that nurse who shoots up Belle. She looks untrustworthy. 
-What do you think will happen with Cora and Gina?
-Okay but seriously...why do Evil Twin and Jack get a hardcore makeout session onscreen, and Charming and Snow get cutesy stuff in bed, but Rumbelle is sitting here empty-handed? I want an explanation, ABC! 
-Yeah, I think that was pretty good warning for what I'm going to be like next week. 

That's all from me! I promise not to be late next week! Comment or tweet me, @OUAFanBlog, love you guys! Stay magical and I'll see ya'll Sunday!