Sunday, January 20, 2013

Season 2, Episode 12: "In the Name of the Brother"

"You're not going to believe what I saw"
I'm sorry, but I just...I simply have no words right now (but don't worry, I'll find them). I mean, Jane Espenson is so freaking amazing when she writes ONCE. For real. "Skin Deep" last season and now this. That lady deserves some serious applause. 
I have been so completely floored by this episode. WOW. 

Victor was portrayed SO WELL by David Anders. He deserves a  lot of Emmys for this performance, and the way Jane wrote him was fantastic. I was feeling so horrible for the character, and yet also incredibly confused by lots of his actions. He's a well rounded character, and I would love to see some more of him. 
The Brother came off interestingly. The relationship between him and Victor was very complex, and it was definitely one that was understandably devastating for Victor, even though he was the under-appreciated son. Their Father was a complete jackwagon and I am perfectly at peace with the fact that Frankenstein's monster choked him to death, even though it was a gruesome and eye-popping thing to see. 
I can't help wondering why Rumple wanted to learn Victor's science. I mean, he did say his deceased were better off resting in the heart or something. Perhaps he was thinking of Belle? Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to hang out with Victor and get their boy band started. 

Regina, my poor bb! I know I always say I like her evil, but seriously, that was heartbreaking. Especially because I do think she should be Henry's mother, much as I like Emma. And who knows, what with Emma being gone, Regina might just get her wish. 
Hook. You are stupid. You are a very dumb man, and as Emma pointed out, dead guy of the year to boot. 
Cora is such a nasty *bites back profanity to keep blog acceptable*...woman! My god! And what WAS all that with her and Rum! I am so not cool with her going around tormenting everyone like she does! I finally know the feeling of being an Evil Regal, and watching her mess with Regina all the bloody time. She's a miserable person and I beg the writers to rid us of her. 
I feel like the Charmings were not relevant at all, so I'm skipping over them for now. 
So, that guy from Pennsylvania!! I am so excited to see what goes down with him and all of Storybrooke. I think it'll be mega-interesting. 
I wanted to avoid talking about Belle because that girl combined with Jane's fantastic writing was just way too much for me. I mean...the cup. THE CHIPPED CUP. She called it "a cup" he said "what is this?" and she was like, "it's...a cup". And I said "NO BB ITS NOT JUST A CUP YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ISN'T FAIR!!" Seeing her that way was insane. And I have a strange theory about that. Since when you cross the line, your SB identity becomes your only identity, perhaps we'll see who Belle was before remembering, and perhaps we'll see that she wasn't institutionalized for no reason. Maybe Belle actually is crazy. I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there. 
Gold's expressions were the most painful thing to witness in the episode. Robert Carlyle for ALL THE AWARDS! That man is a complete revelation! I just hope he can get Belle back. 

-I wonder how Emma and Gold are gonna be as traveling buddies
-More Frankenwhale, please! David Anders plays him so nicely, and it is very sexy. 
-So, like, when is the bonfire for Cora? I mean the one where we put her in it.
-The Charmings were being so insensitive toward Rum in this episode. His true love just forgot about him, have a little sympathy! He is the only one who is even good at your relationship!
-What is the twisted backstory with Cora and Rumple!? I really want to know!
-Sooo...Red Whale? Is that a thing now? 
-If Rumple kills much of a tragedy would that really be? Kidding! Kind of...
-Belle better fix that cup when she remembers, and also be waiting for him with with some, uh...activity plans
-Jane Espenson is a writing goddess. Sorry, did I say that already? Too bad. 
-Also, I promise I didn't put that gif on here because I hate you, I promise. 
I think that's all I've got! Have a pleasant THREE WEEKS (Why?????) and I will see you then! Comment or send me your stuff on twitter, @OUAFanBlog and I will see ya'll soon! Stay magical, I love you guys!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Season 2, Episode 11: The Ousider

"I learned a long time ago that when you find something that's worth fighting for, you never give up"-Belle
Hey guys , sorry I'm late! Forgive me! This episode was probably my favorite so far of the season, and it was a good uplifter from the devastating Broncos loss on Saturday (good luck to the Ravens). But that ending...that was not okay!! That was mean, writers! Really freaking mean!!

Mulan was, as usual, badass and wonderful, and I liked what they did with her rescuing Belle. I wonder why Belle hasn't asked about her in SB. 
Belle, I cannot believe you are the one responsible for the Phillip/Aurora/Mulan love triangle thing! (although, lets face it, all we really want is AuroraxMulan now). Shame on you, Belle! Kidding, I love Belle very dearly. You all know this.
Phillip wins the award for worst communication method by an awkward fire monster.
Regina, my dear, that was cold blooded...and I liked it that way. I like Regina mean, I think it works well with the show and brings out a lot in other characters. I liked what they did with her here. 
Not much else to discuss here. 

David and Mary M are already disagreeing on things, but I'm siding with Mary M. SB is the better place to be. Maine's not that bad! I mean, c'mon, at least you have good lobster!
Smee  is Peter Pettigrew! Sorry, I had to say it. 
Archie I'm so happy everyone knows you're alive! But  poor Henry, he had a dog for like 2 hours. 
Is Hook...dead? I mean, he was a total jerk in this episode so I wouldn't exactly be mega-disappointed by that, but he's so attractive, can we just have him for a little bit longer!?  But, seriously, Hook is just too keen on this vengance crap. I think he needs a course correction, and perhaps that car gave it to him?
OH. MY. GOD. RUMBELLE. I mean...if you don't ship them you are lying, dear. They are beautiful and heartbreaking and amazing and your argument is invalid, okay? Really, I love their scenes because how much they care for each other is so evident and it's so very SAD. And the end...again, NOT OKAY.

-Is Hook dead?
-Showdown with Cora coming up, break out the popcorn!
-*spoiler* For anyone who has seen the Canadian promo for next week: OHMYGOD I AM NOT OKAY!! Rum and Cora are not allowed to kiss, what is this!? NO! And Belle, OMG DON'T SCREAM BB GIRL HE LOVES YOU AND AHHH NOOO!! *end spoiler*
-So, Rumbelle is broken now. *cries uncontrollably*
-Hook is a mean person. Never will ship him with anyone, I don't think.
-Who's in town?? It's not Neal, you can tell it's not in promos.
-I don't actually hate Hook THAT much, so please don't crucify me, Hook fans. 
-So, I'm pretty sure that Rum will have to make Belle love him again so he can break yet another curse with true love and all that. 

So, if ya'll think I missed anything, hit me up on twitter, @OUAFanBlog or comment in your awesome way. Hopefully my internet will be alive again by next Sunday. Loves to you all! xoxo~Robin

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season 2, Episode 10: "The Cricket Game"

"It might take some work, but we will get this cricket to chirp"-Cora
...And we are definitely back!! I mean, absolutely, completely BACK! I mean...that was so crazy. Although I think someone should hit Adam and Eddy multiple times with a golf club while screaming "THAT. WAS. NOT. FUNNY!" 
Anyway, it's all good (kind of?) so I will start structuring now.

Since I never judge characters properly, I thought Snow was being a bit overly-good (not that I'm upset she didn't let Gina die, that would have been horrible for my heart!). I mean, she better not complain about how Gina "ripped apart her happiness" or whatever anymore because now we know that she sort of did it to herself. I don't know, I'm being mean, but really. Don't let the evil villian go and then complain when she finds a loophole thanks to the other evil villain. 
And Charming was clearly and understandably annoyed. I bet Snow got a big 'I told you so' when Gina was talking about destroying their happiness and all that. 
Regina was her old self in this, and I liked that. I like evil Regina. 
Rumpelstiltskin gets the award for 'most well thought out plan except when you bring magic to SB'. I mean, really. He just thought of everything. And what I find hilarious is that people still trust him on things like magic Regina-repellent. Seriously, Snow? Was the no-more-love-potion not enough of a lesson for you?

Hook has a serious one-track-mind. He needs to forget about this and get with someone else. You'll never beat Rumple, his fangirls will get you. 
Mary M and David...oh good Lord I haven't laughed like that in ages!
Everyone should have been nice to Regina at that party thing! I mean really, she saved Emma and Snow and no one even batted an eye. And then her mom comes out being all horrid and rancid. Then her therapist gets murdered. Regina really got the short end of the stick, and the Charmings are absolutely no help. Although there was so much SwanQueen in this eppy I couldn't take it. 
Ruby wants Archie, and your argument is invalid. 
Cora is such a stinkhead! I still don't see how any of this is benefitting her AT ALL. Her and Hook both just need to forget what idiots they were like a billion years ago and stop ruining people's lives! Specifically your daughter's! Ruby's too, because she thinks her secret boyfriend is dead now. And also, don't kill people you don't know! Cora had better get served right, and the Charmings will just mess it up, so I'm counting on Rumple for this. 
Emma...I don't really know what to say here. Ask me later. 
And Archie, sweetheart! I'm so glad he's okay! I thought I would never be happy again! But now you're with the obsessive freaks and I am sorry for that. 

-Belle, Katherine, and Archie are starting the "People whose deaths have been inconveniently faked club" if any of you care to join. It is kidnapees only, no Cora's allowed. (don't give me credit for that joke, it was whatifqueen on tumblr)
-Gold is a dog person. 
-Oh my god Mary M and David made the best moment of my life! And Emma's face...I have the gif of her and Henry when they see them, it's to the right of these words. That was awesome. And Emma..."I'm gonna go...make some tacos!"
-Also, "Well, I'm sorry, but you two were a little busy this afternoon!"
-Poor Regina
-So, I guess Aurora and Mulan are just off being happy lesbians right now because no one cared to even mention them! 
-Next week is going to be AWESOME! I AM SO READY TO RUMBELLE! (no, really, like can I have the episode now?)

Anyway, that was probably the strangest review I have ever written. Hope ya'll were okay with it. Tweet me and comment and stuff! Next week I might live tweet. Goodnight, lovelies!!