Sunday, November 25, 2012

Season 2, Episode 8: "Into the Deep"

"If there's one thing I know about your grandparents: they always find each other."-Regina
I am so speechless right now. That was awesome. This week has been pretty awesome for me. Been seeing the Les Mis trailer all over the place (who wants to come with me?), plus another Broncos win today. Then this beautiful ONCE episode. Even though we got no fairytale land flashbacks, we definitely got enough of other things for me to be happy. Like, insanely happy. And sad. And angry? I need to start talking, huh?

You know what sucks? I literally just started shipping Mulan and Aurora. In this episode. Then I started shipping Hook and Aurora. Then Cora took it upon herself to destroy both of my new ships. I am not okay with this. Anyway, Cora has definitely proved to me that she really is the bad guy here. Honestly though, I'm not really feeling it. I liked Rum and Regina as villians, so changing that feels wrong to me. Whatever. I have faith in the show so I will let them figure it out.
So, Emma hasn't been doing much lately. Kinda weird, but I guess I can roll with it. But you know what else I can roll with? An,Emma/Neal reunion. (unhealthy attatchment? Whatever do you mean!?)
Hook is sexy. Unbelievably so. My feeling about him are scattered because of this. I will get back to ya'll.
Okay but that thing with Aurora...what!? I'm so conflicted. Help!

Aurora is such a lovely girl, and she proved that here. I really hope this wasn't the end of her! Her dreams with Henry were an interesting aspect and I want to see them meet in person. Just...just don't hurt my bb, writers! Don't do it!
Henry needed to scream louder! Just kidding, I know it's not his fault, but I still have some irritation left over about it.
Snow and Charming! Oh Gods, my beautiful babies! I am so sorry you guys, but I love Snowing. I will always love them. Their moment was perfect and I cried a little. No regrets!

Belle and Mr. Gold got their hamburger!! Lalalalalalalala sorry, can't hear you, I'm too busy singing about my beautiful OTP! But Regina. Stop. I love you, but that was not the time or place.
Unpopular opinion: I so prefer evil Regina to this non-magic-using, lame version of her. Where is my badass girl? I do not approve. Oh well, her moments with Henry were still cute.
David. I thought we were done with you being an idiot. I know you love your wife but clearly this was a sketchy idea. I say try again with Henry. You are still stupid. And don't you dare use the "we were cursed" excuse on me!
Mr. Gold is too perfect *stands up and claps* I love this man way too much. It's bad, guys.

-Is Aurora dead? What is happenning there!? Why!? I can't.
-I have so many mixed feelings about Hook.
-Snowing! Sorry, ya'll, my Snowing shipper side loves to come out sometimes.
-I demand Mr. Gold read me a bedtime story!
-Don't worry, Henry. Regina and Grandpa Rum will take care of you! (what do you mean, I'm not over SwanFire?)
-Speaking of Rum and Henry possibly being related, David's "that kind of faith runs in our family" thing made me laugh. I love Rumple, but faith isn't really his thing for the most part.
-Rum wants to protect Belle again! Though she might just end up protecting him from a certain sexy pirate...
-I'm having a hamburger tomorrow. And some iced tea.
-was there a point to the zombie thing, because I missed it...
-Aurora wanted to go to SB! My heart broke for her there! She deserves another prince...or pirate...or Mulan...guys, this show is hurting me.
-Next week will be the end of me. I cannot take it if we get another episode like "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" before hiatus again. I won't be able to take it.
-Actually, lets not even talk about hiatus. The weeks between next Sunday and January hereby no longer exist. No ONCE for three weeks? Please, I'll be under a sleeping curse with David so I can tell him what an idiot he is.

That's all from me! Thoughts go in the comments or to my twitter, @OUAFanBlog. I love you all and have a magical week!

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  1. Okay, I haven't commented for the last two episodes, as they had been extremely disappointing for me, and I didn't want to rain on anyone's parade, but this weeks episode certainly reminded me why I love this series. Mr Gold was utterly fantastic, and I still love how he throws in the occasional 'deary' as a nod to his fairytale self. I also laughed out loud for real when he said that he was more powerful than Cora, and note he did say 'is' as opposed to 'was' so he must have got quite a bit of his magic back.

    I still think that characters need to change a bit more towards their fairytale counterparts, especially gold, given that if someone had amnesia and didn't remember they liked eating ice cream, they might not eat it.. but give them their memories back and you bet it would be face first into a giant sized tub.. so come on Gold.. show some more Rumpy!!!

    I also agree that I don't like this new Regina, I want the old one back there too. Henry just annoys me full stop as does swan, so less of them works great for me.

    No, I don't think Aurora is dead. If you remember the sheriff in the first season, Regina had his heart all along and he was fine. I think Cora can just control her now and again when it suits her...although one hole in that theory is that hook took her heart not Cora so he would have had to cut it out so she might be dead...jury's out on that one.

    Last thoughts on this episode.. was i the only one who got excited at the title and thought we'd see Ariel? *and* Mulan stop pouting and whining and find your inner Muushu!!!!


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