Monday, November 12, 2012

Season 2, Episode 7: "Child of the Moon"

"Wolfstime or not, you won't hurt anyone tonight"-David/Charming

I am so sorry my review is so late! I was forced into eating dinner out at what had to be 7PM. I was not able to watch until about eleven at night, and I was pretty tired so forgive me if I am at all inaccurate. I have not missed a ONCE episode since February 12th ("Skin Deep", and yes I remember the date...). Anyway, enough about me, let's get to the episode.
Okay, to be quite honest, I was a little unimpressed, especially with the high standards I hold ONCE to, but whatever. It was still good.
Red and Snow are adorable as friends, I love the dynamic they have, and I love that they are always there for each other, no matter what happens. And, wow, does a lot of stuff happen.
Red's Mom was not very likable, IMO, she was a little crazy and started to remind me of Cora. Seriously, these writers need to think about the parental issues they scar every single character with. Personally, I think Red's mom was a little crazy, and a little too desperate to be different, and to make Red as such. In the words of Sebastian (crab from "The Little Mermaid") "children got to be free to live their own lives."
Quinn reminded me of a wolf-August at first, but over the course of the episode he grew of me a bit. He's a broken character, as is everyone on the show, and it was sad to see him die, probably more so for Snow than anyone else. The poor girl is probably sick of seeing people die because of her.
Red in general is such a wonderful character, and Meghan Ory portrays her nicely. She is such a strong character, and I love that she was willing to protect Snow, it was incredibly sweet.

Oh Gods this part was so weird I don't even know what to say. I figure it is best to just dive right in, rip it off  like a band aid, so....
King George/Spencer is a crazy person. From what I can tell, Charming really did not do all that much wrong to him except not marry Abigail. And now he does not even have a right to complain because David DID end up marrying Abigail. I know, I know, that does not really count because they were cursed, but still. The man needs cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Snow and Emma are gone, David is clearly already a wreck. It was just mean to try and take him down for no reason. Besides, Storybrooke is hardly a monarchy. I have no idea what King George was trying to accomplish. Seriously, step down, Charles Whidmore!
Poor Billy! I was about two minutes away from forming an unhealthy attachment to him!I will not be forgiving these writers for this very easily, nor will I be showing any more sympathy toward King George.
It was interesting to see Belle and Mr. Gold both in the episode, but having no scenes together. I will not lie and say I was happy with it, but it was nice to see their faces on my screen either way. I just hope we see more of them together soon.
David is having an emotional breakdown, I think. When he shows more than one manly tear you know everything just got real.
Ruby, again, is a sweetheart, and I'm glad we are past this whole wolf thing now. Nobody is going to be trying to pin murders on her or anything. However, I do think she might want someone to talk to. Maybe  therapist. Maybe a certain ginger cricket therapist. I think they would get along quite nicely. *wink wink*

Aurora and Henry are confusing me. I am very confused. Confusion.

-I'm sorry, but I have to say this. After all this time of me calling David a total Jack Shephard, King George, aka Charles Whidmore, calls him simply "Shephard". I am so done. Sorry if ya'll didn't watch LOST, you had better get to renting the DVDs or something because it is necessary.
-Since I'm still having major Tallahassee detox, I want to know when we can see Neal/Bae (Cause he's Bae.) again. *grovels at the feet of Eddy and Adam*
-Hey! Yeah, OUAT writers! Where's my hamburger date scene!?
-Did ya'll see that promo? Zombies? What!?

Okay, that's all from me. I will see you all in two weeks due to the stupid American Music Awards. Questions go in comments or to my twitter, @OUAFanBlog. Have a magical two weeks, my lovely oncers!

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