Sunday, May 13, 2012

Season 1 Finale: "A Land Without Magic"

"Magic is coming"-Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin
Oh my Lord, all the feelings inside me...woah. That was freaking insane. And Ginny Goodwin was right, I did throw things at my TV. Well, first off I'd like to wish all you moms a happy Mother's Day (mostly to make up for the fact that I ignored my mom for OUAT today...ouch.). Secondly, I just had to say how perfect this was. You see, I'm going to die over the lack of good television over summer, guaranteed. But I love how OUAT makes it easier than my other favorite shows, which leave me on a complete hangover with no happy endings in sight. I'm happy with the way they ended the season. And I'm excited for the next. Nuff said. 

So, The Huntsman, right? As much as I absolutely loved this finale, I do wish we could have seen more of him, seeing as how we all love him so freaking much. But, hey. We'll live, right? I'm crossing my fingers that he'll be back again next season because I can't get enough of that sexy man. 
Maleficent had a really cool part in this, and I loved how Disney it was, and how it tied in with the Storybrooke plot. 
Snow and Charming (especially Charming) were totally adorable, as always. The whole 'take back the kingdom' thing was kind of a cheeseball but that's okay. It had to be done. Charming fighting the dragon was as epic as it gets, and him waking Snow was beautiful. Loved it! A lot of the scenery (whether it was green screen or not) was also gorgeous. All around, nice, lighthearted, and tied in well with the Storybrooke storyline. 
Rumpelstiltskin is amazing. Like, seriously amazing. That sword fight was the most awesome, legendary (aw man, got that HIMYM finale tomorrow, I'm screwed) thing I have ever seen. And when Rumple was talking about Belle (might as well face it) I cried. He's such a loveable character. The fact that he can be so evil and yet so awesome is beyond me. I mean, really. He could slaughter the whole town (I really hope that isn't what he did at the end) and I would be like "I love you so much!" #tumblrpost. 
Anyway, lets move on...
Oh my, there is a whole darn lot to discuss here, lets start off with something kind-sorta easy...
Dr Whale...WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?!? Sorry, it needed to be said. Anyway. 
Regina and Emma working as a kind-of team was fascinating to me. I don't ship Swan-Queen but I do like the way they interact on the show. And Mr. Gold's snap ("actually, he's HER son.") made me laugh at their rivalry. Can't they just accept that they're both his mother in two different ways? (but not the Swan-Queen way, guys. Sorry.). Emma waking Henry up was entirely predictable, mostly because they totally gave it away in the promos, but whatever. Oooh! And Emma's angry face and the whole fighting thing in the back room was awesome. I almost started crying for no reason. However, I didn't like the way Emma finally decided to believe in the curse. I expected more, after they've been building it up all season. 
Jefferson has just earned himself a spot on the fave-character list. I love you, bro! And I hope to God that you find your adorable daughter!
Don't like that Blue Fairy Nun. 
Mary M and David...I was really upset with Mary M at the beginning of the episode when she said he had no reason to stay. I was like "He's your true love, you troll! Just kidding, you're not a troll. I love you, Mary M!" But the end was lovely. Really beautiful and just amazing. I love these two no matter what. Seriously. I'll always be rooting for them. 
August was the 'shocking' character who died? Wow, that was super lame. And you all predicted it in the poll. Hats off to you, dearies. Speaking of which...
I'm so glad Henry lived...I've loved that kid since the Pilot. 
Mr. Gold and Belle. I swear I am going to try to be calm about this for the sake of the haters (who are going to want to skip the next few sentences) but adorable and amazing was that!?!? Sooooooo adorable and amazing! Guys. I am a die-hard Rumbelle shipper, and you will have to deal with it for a loooong time. Sigh. My heart is on a cloud. Anyway, on to the real discussion. What on earth was he doing at the end there? I'm so confused! I got really mad and threw a few pillows at my television, screaming. That was nuts! I mean, what was he hoping to accomplish? Did he just the curse? Did it have to do with Bae? What just went down???? my confusion is eating me alive!

-What's going to happen next season?
-Is the curse broken...or what?
-Was that the end of August?
-What the heck was Gold doing there?
-What will happen to....well...everyone!?
-How will we survive the summer?!?!?
-How awesome is everyone on this show? Seriously. I am legitimately in love with every single character. All of them. How do you get such a flawless cast?
-So, maybe this one is just me, but what about that gym teacher guy? You know, Frederick?
-Is it just me, or is everyone in the hospital like, a mystery character?
-Gold: I've been saving it for a rainy day Emma: Well it's storming like a bitch, where is it!?...classic. 
-What did you think of the finale????

OUAT season 2, bitches! Lets do this!
I will be posting all summer about random OUAT things, so always feel free to check in!


  1. omgggg saw the spoilers im sicked its 3 more minutes till the last show bout to watch it with sis. ouat is the best show eveeerrrrrrre

  2. My question are:
    Is Rumple going to turn more evil in Season 2? (I mean he just brought something bad, right?)
    How are Belle's and his relationship going to work? She hates it when he's all powerful but all he wants is power
    Is Rumple going to get back at Regina for hiding Belle?
    Who's going to take care of Henry? Emma or Regina?
    How are they going to still switch between both worlds?


  3. Why didn't Belle freaking stop Rumple?? It's the whole reason they couldn't be together, because he's too power-obsessed!!!

    I want to know how they are going to keep doing characters' backstories if magic has been released into the real world. Or is Fairyland now non-magical because Rumple brought the magic here?? HMMM....


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