Sunday, December 2, 2012

Season 2, Episode 9: "Queen of Hearts"

"There it is. Storybrooke."-Cora
What!? Why? I just...NO! That was my general reaction to basically every second of this episode, though I really don't have much in the way of intense thoughts. I'm going to be kind of short and sweet with the character stuff, and probably more lengthy in the questions portion. 
Also, my Broncos won again today! Ya'll best be very jealous of me and my awesome team! The soft whisper of "superbowl" continues to grow louder with each passing Sunday...

Belle's tallys. Lost shoutout, anyone?
Hook was the wrong person to send after Cora. What about the Huntsman? I know he's probably awesome in the sack, but he can do more than just that. Hook is just way too easily taken advantage of. I don't see him winning in any upcoming battles with Gold. 
Regina was looking sexy and awesome, as usual. I thought the words to her mother were pure BS (don't know why, I just do.), and her interactions with Hook were awesome.
Cora was in fact the Queen of Hearts. We all called it. 

I still think David was way stupid for using the sleeping curse, but the end with Mary Margaret was very sweet. Those losers just can't help but keep finding each other.
Henry looked like some gang banger's kid in that hoodie. I kept thinking that through the entire episode. 
Badass Gold was just the best. He was (as usual) his charming, perfect self. I love how easily he can manipulate Regina (and everyone else). 
I wish Regina would get mean again. Her nicey-nice thing is really starting to bore me. I think Gold should start making decisions for her. Although I was glad when she saved Emma and MM. That was very sweet of her, and I felt the SwanQueen in the scene after they came out of the well. 

Cora and Hook are not a good team. They are the two most untrustworthy people on earth and they need to split up. Their partnership is failing. Also, Hook needs to pick a bloody side already. And, I'm sorry, but I really do not understand why Cora even wanted to go to SB. It doesn't make sense to me.
Emma is magical! She's like Harry Potter!
Mulan and Aurora should be a couple because Phillip is going to be very conflicted if he gets out of wraith-world. It would just solve a lot of things, I think. Although I was super into SleepingHook in the last episode...I'll get back to you guys on my standpoint. 

-Where was Belle is SB? She needed to talk some sense into her man.Guys, I feel like I am contradicting myself here. I like Gold evil, but if Belle is involved he should be nice. I say we make Belle evil too so they can take over the world together. 
-Regina's FTL outfits were awesome. 
-What's going to happen to Mulan and Aurora? Are we just dropping that plotline now or what?
-Cora and Hook better start saving up for their first class tickets back to FTL because I don't think anybody is going to want them in SB...
-Okay, so the bean. It took Cora and Hook to the ocean right by where did Bae's bean take him? I ask because as soon as I saw the boat I had all the horrific images in my head of Bae appearing in the ocean and drowning. Also,what if the boat had landed in like, downtown NYC? Talk about awkward...
-Again with the bean: Rumple had been alive for God-knows-how-long and he never thought of this idea? Had he really never heard of Lake Nostos in all that time? I mean, really. You can think up Emma's entire life right down to the teeniest detail, but you didn't think of the bean-regeneration lake? This bothers me. 
-Where did everybody think David was all through this?
-I'm sorry, but Gina is seriously losing reasons to be nice. She rescues Emma and Snow from Gold's freaky electric spell, and nobody even gives a crap. I know she has not exactly been mrs-nice-evil-queen before that, but the woman deserves a little respect for trying. If I were her, I'd go evil again. The kid is clearly not worth it, and nobody else will trust her. 
-The promo had more of Gold looking for Neal...I mean, just kidding, I definitely mean Neal. And he's hiring Emma to do it! Oh Gods, I'm liking this!
-I want more Belle. I have been cheated out of her scenes. 
-Five weeks. Five forever long weeks. I don't think I can do this. 

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