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"The Stable Boy" Promo/Sneak Peek(s)

As I continue to watch "LOST" episodes (halfway through season 2!), I'm also rounding up sneak peeks for you all. So, here you go:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Season 1, Episode 17: "Hat Trick"

"I cannot lose my family"-Emma
Nice episode. Not the best. but also not the worst. It was kind of a filler, but it was a good filler. I enjoyed the Mad Hatter's story, though it was a bit similar to Rumple's. Anyway, I'm excited to start discussing. 

Regina really has a heart of darkness. Yes, she went to the Wonderland to rescue her father, but she ruined someone else's life along the way. It shows that she does love him, though. Her father, I mean. But the sad thing is that she rescued him, she ruined the Mad Hatter's life, and then she killed him. 
The Mad Hatter is a more complex character. I feel like all these stories of what happened to all the characters (Grumpy, Queenie, the Mad Hatter) are all more or less the same. They all lose someone they love, and then their entire personality and life changes because of it. While the Hatter had an interesting story, I'm not sure it was the best. 
Not much else to discuss here. 

Mary Margaret was really setting herself up for disaster with this whole running away from jail thing. I mean, whether Gina set it up or not, she's the one who ran away. She didn't have to, but she did. And (hello, karma) she got kidnapped. 
Jefferson. That was one more person who knew. And it's also one more happy ending destroyed. This show really isn't about fairytales. Because fairytales have happy endings, and none of these stories do. Jefferson said that everything he loved had been ripped from him, just like everyone else in Storybrooke. But everyone in Storybrooke (with the exception of Snow and Charming and Abigail and Frederick) has their happy ending ripped from them long before they came to Storybrooke.  Now, many of them seem better off (with the exception of Katherine...)
Emma seems a lot more willing to believe now then she was in any of the previous episodes. The creators already said that there would not be an "aha" moment for her this season, but she will see how whacked things are in Storybrooke. 
Regina and Mr Gold working together? You have got to be kidding me. I will never understand where Gold is coming from. It seems like he's more on Emma's side than Regina's, which makes sense. He didn't seem to like Gina much in the Enchanted Forest. However he's definitely not on Snow and Charming's side either. That's what makes him this crazy complex character. However, I think the first step to us understanding who he is would be him finding Belle. I've read on multiple spoiler websites that she'd be back more toward the end of the season, but now I'm starting to doubt their words. 

-Will we see the Mad Hatter again?
- What happened to Katherine?
-What's up with Regina and Gold? Whose side is he on?

"The Stable Boy"
We'll find out what Snow did to Queenie.

And thanks to OUAT, I have started watching every episode of LOST in order, so now I can understand all those references.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Hat Trick" Promo/ Sneak Peek(s)

I promise this is my last post until Sunday. Usually my plan is to post the promos and sneak peeks for the episode when they some out, and then do my review on Sunday, so that's what you can expect, I just had some stuff to share with you guys this week.

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Best OUAT Videos on Youtube

I know I'm going nuts with the posting today but there are some amaaaaazing OUAT videos on youtube so I thought I'd share them with you all. My backup did a post like this on my HIMYM blog, but this one is all me.

Here's a Graham video that's always amused me with it's fitting lyrics.
And of course, Charming and Snow:
And this next Rumple and Belle one is freaking amazing!! I heard the song in the grocery store today and started dancing by the shopping cart.
And here's a nice Emma and Graham one:
Anyway. That's all my posting for today! Hope you like 

Hey! Guess What!?

So, I've got two very nice spoilers for you all.
First off, the OUAT finale is set to air on May 13th, 2012 and we don't know the title yet, but you bet I'll be letting you know!
And now for the clincher: Jamie Dornan will be returning as the huntsman for the finale!!!!
Just thought I'd share that with you all .

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Season 1, Episode 16: "Heart of Darkness"

"Evil isn't born. It's made."-Rumple/Regina
Excellent episode tonight! Not the best, but excellent nonetheless. And lots of Rumple/Gold for me to enjoy. And as we continue watching, questions continue forming, which is of course why we have an entire section for that here. Anyway, I've got a lot to say so let's dive in!

Snow White is a lot more devilish than we thought, no? And much more like Regina. Before I even saw the episode, I noticed that when having lost love, both Snow and Regina turned to murder as the solution. Despite their rivalry, , they're extremely similar. But of course, one lost love forever, and the other got her happy ending. But we'll have to wait until episode 18, "The Stable Boy" to find out. 
Prince Charming is just so, well, Charming. He's such a hero and it's so adorable, no? He's so willing to give his life for Snow, and so willing to pay Rumple's price. It's amazing to see someone that brave. I've always had a little crush on Charming, but it's hard to help when he's so incredible. And, of course, he got Snow back, so what else could we ask of him?
Rumpelstiltskin. He's just so, so conniving. He truly is the most powerful man in all the land. And now we know what he did with both Snow's hair, and Charming cloak. He mixed them together into a potion for love. Now we only have one question left: What's he going to do with it? He can't bring Belle back, and I can't think of another person who he'd be willing to help. But with his confusing ways of being against Regina, but obviously not with the good guys, it'll be interesting to find out. 

David remembers. The problem is he doesn't realize he remembers. Which in hindsight could be a good thing since Graham remembered and look how that turned out. The real problem is that we don't know where it's going. And we don't know if this Katherine this is a big deal, or just a piece of the puzzle. Of course it'll all turn out, and David is going to remain in therapy, so I'm sure we'll discover the truth soon. 
Mary Margaret. Wow that was a horrible decision. I mean, of course it makes sense, if can can break out of jail you would. But she's being accused of murder by everyone, even David. I don't see how she thinks breaking out of jail will make things better for her. It's a conflicting story. Anyway, Mary M hasn't gotten herself out of anything because according to the episode summaries for episodes 17 and 18, she will remain the prime suspect. 
Emma and Mr Gold are two remarkably similar characters. They both have an incredible amount of power. But one realizes it, and the other doesn't. However, if they are indeed joining forces, there isn't a thing on earth that can stop them. And, I would never say no to some Emma-Gold stuff, they've always been a secret ship of mine. And, more importantly, it could easily lead them to finding Belle. 
August W. Booth and Henry. That's two more people that know. I mean, we already knew Henry knew, and we assumed August did too, but now we know for sure that there are four people in Storybrooke that know. And when the key opened Emma and Mary M's apartment door, I couldn't help but scream "Thank you August W Booth!"
-So now we know that Emma knows Regina set up Mary M. Now all she's looking for is a good motive and some evidence that isn't illegal. 
-Where do Snow and Charming do from here?
-What happened to Katherine? 
-Here's an observation that proves Regina is setting up Mary M...she was wearing her ring while peeling that apple. 
-Why did Rumple make that love thing?
-How will Snow and Charming find each other again?
-How will Emma and Gold prove Mary M's innocence?
"Hat Trick"
Emma's search for Mary Margaret is put on hold when she is kidnapped by a man with an obsession for hats on the verge of madness while the backstory of the Mad Hatter is revealed along with a secret mission authorized by the Evil Queen to travel to Wonderland and steal a prized artifact from the Queen of Hearts.

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"Heart of Darkness" Sneak Peeks

I have watched none of these and I have no intention of watching them. I tried to cut myself off from spoilers last week and failed, so this week I'm going cold turkey.
That one's just the promo, which we all saw at the end of the episode.
Here's your REAL spoilerish sneak peeks:
If these don't work it's because I have not watched them. So, Ciao for now!
Three days till OUAT day...ah! Can't wait!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Season 1, Episode 15: "Red Handed"

"I would do anything for you"-Red
Wow. When they said the rest of this season would be "all killer no filler" they were NOT joking. Seriously, the whole thing had me going "omigosh, omigosh omigosh!" and it was definitely a step up from last week's "Dreamy." This was the best episode since "Skin Deep" thought I can't say it was better. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Rumple/Mr. Gold and/or Belle, but that really more of a fangirl thing, so lets dive in. 

So, this Red and Peter thing was interesting. It's also kind of the reason I liked "Skin Deep" better than this episode. Because it was an epic love story, and this really wasn't. It was more of an adventure. So, I suppose it was just as good but in a different way. The idea of Red being the wolf really didn't appeal to me. I understand that OUAT is their take on fairytales, but this was was a little bit too warped for me. I also had convinced myself toward the beginning that perhaps it was Dr Whale, even though the creators confirmed that we wouldn't be learning his fairytale identity until next season.
Snow White continues to be an extremely complex character. To me, even more so than Queenie. She has a problem with expressing her emotions, but she's also got that pure heart that is "white as snow." In the next episode we shall be learning more about Snow and her rivalry against the Queen. Perhaps it shall raise the question of whether or not Snow is really good or evil. 
Granny was really hard core! At first I thought she was a real bitch, but once you realize that Red is the wolf, you see that she's only trying to protect her. But if she wanted Red to keep the cloak on to protect her village, all she had to do was tell her. 
Happy endings, is my third favorite show, but more importantly, it is a key element in OUAT. I feel like when another fan said no one but Snow and Charming got their happy endings in the enchanted forest, and that now that they're in Storybrooke, they actually have a better chance of achieving that. So let's go down the list shall we?
-Cinderella lost her prince, and was pregnant for 28 years. 
-The huntsman was held prisoner by the queen until he was transported to Storybrooke, where he died. 
-Rumpelstiltskin his son, as well as his true love. 
-The evil queen lost her true love. 
-The genie was forever trapped in a magic mirror. 
-Red Riding Hood killed her true love. 
-Grumpy and Nova lost each other. 
You see what I'm saying? There are no happy endings in these fairytales besides Snow and Charming. Honestly, it's a bit upsetting. 

Katherine's disappearance should be a main thing through the rest of the season. And here we saw Emma laying out the suspects. David was an obvious choice. He wanted to be with Mary Margaret and we didn't know how far he was willing to go for that. Of course, we all knew he didn't kill her or do anything at all to hurt her. But when we see that he's still having blackouts and not remembering things, we start to question ourselves, no? But when Ruby finds that box by the Toll Bridge, we all know what's inside and who put it there. All we need is some conformation. And at the end is was confirmed what was inside (I completely called it, I don't know about you), but we have gotten a new suspect for the mystery. And we know it's not the right one. We saw in "The Thing You Love Most" that Regina is damn good with frame jobs, but this one must have taken some serious effort. 
Ruby got her adventure here, and she didn't wind up killing anyone in the process. She's sweet, and she's lost. But it seems she's got someone new guiding her way: August W. Booth. Guys, over the course of about five seconds I found a new couple to ship: Ruby and August. I'd like to see that happen. 

-What happened to Katherine?
This one has been pretty ongoing. Do you think she's dead? Do you think that was her heart by the toll bridge? Do you think Regina did it? Why do you think Mary M's fingerprints were there? This question unravels a chain of a million new ones. 
-What's in store for Ruby?
-Who the hell is Dr Whale?
This one is constantly bugging me.
-Where do Mary M and David go from here? They have love, but in the real world, that's not always enough. This Katherine thing is a way to test them, and it makes me wonder, did Regina only do it to make it harder for them?

"Heart of Darkness" 
Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret for Kathryn's suspected murder and Mr. Gold is hired to represent Mary Margaret as her attorney while the events concerning Prince Charming's search for Snow White continue to be revealed along with his attempt to stop a determined Snow – whose memory is still clouded by Rumpelstiltsken's potion – from assassinating the Evil Queen.
sounds exiting....


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"Once Upon a Time" Spoilers

Okay, so I have been going nuts with the spoilers today, and I couldn't help but share them with you. So here they are:
-From here on out, it's "all killer no filler"
-We're going to figure out who August is before the finale, and once of the theories on the internet has it right.
-We'll be seeing what happened to Balfire (Rumple's son), in the episode "The Return"
-We'll find out what happened to Katherine
-Archie will be receiving 2 new patients, Mr Gold (anyone hear of his first name yet???), and David Nolan. David is in a tough place emotionally, and Mr Gold really has no one to talk to. Fans are guessing that Gold being in therapy will bring him to know where Belle is...
-Ginnifer Goodwin knows how the curse is broken and she has stated "when they told me, I felt like a dumb-dumb because it made perfect sense"
-Emma doesn't believe Henry at all, for the time being. We will be seeing her notice things are seriously whacked in Storybrooke, but there will be no "aha moment" this season.
-We will soon learn what Snow did to Queenie, in episode 18, I believe, but I could be wrong.
-Belle will be returning more toward the end of the
-They're getting to the little mermaid, but you'll have to wait until season 2.
-We will see Maleficent again.
-We're going to find out about the Big Bad Wolf, and who he is in Storybrooke (okay, that one was sort of duh-ish)

So my main question from all this is: Who is August W. Booth. When they said one of the theories was right I about died. So here are the two seemingly most popular theories:
1. He wrote Henry's book. This theory has no flaws, the problem is that it's really obvious.
2. He's Rumple's son. This theory is interesting because it makes sense....but it doesn't. It does make sense because we've never seen Balfire in Storybrooke, but it doesn't make sense because a) Why didn't he ever talk to Gold and b) Why did he change is name?

There are a bajillion other theories, but these are the two I find to be the most likely...what do you guys think?

Need more spoilers? Watch the cast at Paleyfest, or simply look it up, you'll be shocked by what you find.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Season 1, Episode 14: "Dreamy"

"Love. What's it like"
"It's the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world"-Belle
Nice, solid episode tonight, and I love that we got a short appearance by Belle and a short appearance by Mr. Gold. We were already told that these upcoming episodes would revolve largely around Katherine's disappearance, and that this episode was merely a stepping stone into that. And that was easy to see here. 

Grumpy and Nova were the main part of this. I'm not exactly sure what they were aiming for here. I had already seen that Grumpy had originally been Dreamy in the preview, and it was obvious how he would get his dreams crushed. So, even though it was an interesting segment, it was a bit obvious. My main problem with basically every OUAT couple is how they compare to each other. I love Snow and Charming because they're adorable and give you this warm, happy feeling. I like Nova and Grumpy/Dreamy because they're defying the rest of the world in this great, romantic quest, and I LOVE Rumple and Belle because of their raw chemistry and amazing, heartbreaking story. So, with these comparisons, I didn't fall in love with Grumpy and Nova because even though there was most definitely something there, they didn't have that ridiculous, obvious chemistry that makes you ship them right away, as I think Barney and Robin (HIMYM, try to get used to those references.) and Rumple and Belle do. All in all, nice segment, but not exactly up to the standards I hold for OUAT. 
Belle. I know she was only there for like three seconds, so it's insane that I'm writing a whole section on her here, but those three seconds brought tears to my eyes, because it's stuff like this storyline that just kills me. We saw here that Belle was not only alive, but that she is living with the dwarfs, and that she's still completely in love with Rumpelstiltskin. And we saw very clearly in "Skin Deep" that he feels the same way about her even though he thinks she's dead. It's just so heartbreaking to see that, and it makes me go "come on, can't they just freaking be together already!?" but the creators said that's something for later in the season. 
Besides Leroy and Astrid, most of what we saw revolved around Katherine's disappearance. At the end of "What Happened to Frederick" most of us were like "Really??" when she went missing. However, I had read before that David would be the prime suspect. But I think we all know he didn't have a thing to do with it. And we all also know that Regina DID. So what happened to Katherine?
The Leroy and Astrid part of the episode was enjoyable and interesting, however it was actually a bit depressing. I mean, both of them became the absolute worst of their personalities. Leroy is now the town dunk, and the fairies became nuns, who were really conservative and didn't have those crazy dreams anymore. 
I didn't see much else in Storybrooke tonight, but I'm going to re-watch it and if I see anything new I'll update this post. 

-What happened to Katherine?
-Why is Belle living with dwarfs?
-Will we be seeing more of Astrid?
-Will we be seeing more of Mary M and David?

"Red Handed". It seems many people are exited for this :)  


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"Dreamy " Previews and Spoilers

I'm a big spoiler junkie so if you don't like spoilers I sincerely apologize...
And I think we all know Belle will make an appearance...YAY!!!
Anyhoo, here are the previews:
Blogger is kind of being lame right now so I don't have all of them on here, if you are looking for more, I direct you to the Once Upon a Time page on
See you all Sunday! Lets get ready to Rumpelle!
Also, there's a super cool blog you all should follow:
Ciao for now!