Sunday, March 4, 2012

Season 1, Episode 14: "Dreamy"

"Love. What's it like"
"It's the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world"-Belle
Nice, solid episode tonight, and I love that we got a short appearance by Belle and a short appearance by Mr. Gold. We were already told that these upcoming episodes would revolve largely around Katherine's disappearance, and that this episode was merely a stepping stone into that. And that was easy to see here. 

Grumpy and Nova were the main part of this. I'm not exactly sure what they were aiming for here. I had already seen that Grumpy had originally been Dreamy in the preview, and it was obvious how he would get his dreams crushed. So, even though it was an interesting segment, it was a bit obvious. My main problem with basically every OUAT couple is how they compare to each other. I love Snow and Charming because they're adorable and give you this warm, happy feeling. I like Nova and Grumpy/Dreamy because they're defying the rest of the world in this great, romantic quest, and I LOVE Rumple and Belle because of their raw chemistry and amazing, heartbreaking story. So, with these comparisons, I didn't fall in love with Grumpy and Nova because even though there was most definitely something there, they didn't have that ridiculous, obvious chemistry that makes you ship them right away, as I think Barney and Robin (HIMYM, try to get used to those references.) and Rumple and Belle do. All in all, nice segment, but not exactly up to the standards I hold for OUAT. 
Belle. I know she was only there for like three seconds, so it's insane that I'm writing a whole section on her here, but those three seconds brought tears to my eyes, because it's stuff like this storyline that just kills me. We saw here that Belle was not only alive, but that she is living with the dwarfs, and that she's still completely in love with Rumpelstiltskin. And we saw very clearly in "Skin Deep" that he feels the same way about her even though he thinks she's dead. It's just so heartbreaking to see that, and it makes me go "come on, can't they just freaking be together already!?" but the creators said that's something for later in the season. 
Besides Leroy and Astrid, most of what we saw revolved around Katherine's disappearance. At the end of "What Happened to Frederick" most of us were like "Really??" when she went missing. However, I had read before that David would be the prime suspect. But I think we all know he didn't have a thing to do with it. And we all also know that Regina DID. So what happened to Katherine?
The Leroy and Astrid part of the episode was enjoyable and interesting, however it was actually a bit depressing. I mean, both of them became the absolute worst of their personalities. Leroy is now the town dunk, and the fairies became nuns, who were really conservative and didn't have those crazy dreams anymore. 
I didn't see much else in Storybrooke tonight, but I'm going to re-watch it and if I see anything new I'll update this post. 

-What happened to Katherine?
-Why is Belle living with dwarfs?
-Will we be seeing more of Astrid?
-Will we be seeing more of Mary M and David?

"Red Handed". It seems many people are exited for this :)  


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