Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Once Upon a Time" Spoilers

Okay, so I have been going nuts with the spoilers today, and I couldn't help but share them with you. So here they are:
-From here on out, it's "all killer no filler"
-We're going to figure out who August is before the finale, and once of the theories on the internet has it right.
-We'll be seeing what happened to Balfire (Rumple's son), in the episode "The Return"
-We'll find out what happened to Katherine
-Archie will be receiving 2 new patients, Mr Gold (anyone hear of his first name yet???), and David Nolan. David is in a tough place emotionally, and Mr Gold really has no one to talk to. Fans are guessing that Gold being in therapy will bring him to know where Belle is...
-Ginnifer Goodwin knows how the curse is broken and she has stated "when they told me, I felt like a dumb-dumb because it made perfect sense"
-Emma doesn't believe Henry at all, for the time being. We will be seeing her notice things are seriously whacked in Storybrooke, but there will be no "aha moment" this season.
-We will soon learn what Snow did to Queenie, in episode 18, I believe, but I could be wrong.
-Belle will be returning more toward the end of the season...boo.
-They're getting to the little mermaid, but you'll have to wait until season 2.
-We will see Maleficent again.
-We're going to find out about the Big Bad Wolf, and who he is in Storybrooke (okay, that one was sort of duh-ish)

So my main question from all this is: Who is August W. Booth. When they said one of the theories was right I about died. So here are the two seemingly most popular theories:
1. He wrote Henry's book. This theory has no flaws, the problem is that it's really obvious.
2. He's Rumple's son. This theory is interesting because it makes sense....but it doesn't. It does make sense because we've never seen Balfire in Storybrooke, but it doesn't make sense because a) Why didn't he ever talk to Gold and b) Why did he change is name?

There are a bajillion other theories, but these are the two I find to be the most likely...what do you guys think?

Need more spoilers? Watch the cast at Paleyfest, or simply look it up, you'll be shocked by what you find.


  1. Maybe August is the big bad wolf?

  2. I'm going with he's Pinnochio, as he stated that he never tells a lie and perhaps he was made of the same wood as the enchanted tree, thus giving him protection from the curse.


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