Sunday, March 18, 2012

Season 1, Episode 16: "Heart of Darkness"

"Evil isn't born. It's made."-Rumple/Regina
Excellent episode tonight! Not the best, but excellent nonetheless. And lots of Rumple/Gold for me to enjoy. And as we continue watching, questions continue forming, which is of course why we have an entire section for that here. Anyway, I've got a lot to say so let's dive in!

Snow White is a lot more devilish than we thought, no? And much more like Regina. Before I even saw the episode, I noticed that when having lost love, both Snow and Regina turned to murder as the solution. Despite their rivalry, , they're extremely similar. But of course, one lost love forever, and the other got her happy ending. But we'll have to wait until episode 18, "The Stable Boy" to find out. 
Prince Charming is just so, well, Charming. He's such a hero and it's so adorable, no? He's so willing to give his life for Snow, and so willing to pay Rumple's price. It's amazing to see someone that brave. I've always had a little crush on Charming, but it's hard to help when he's so incredible. And, of course, he got Snow back, so what else could we ask of him?
Rumpelstiltskin. He's just so, so conniving. He truly is the most powerful man in all the land. And now we know what he did with both Snow's hair, and Charming cloak. He mixed them together into a potion for love. Now we only have one question left: What's he going to do with it? He can't bring Belle back, and I can't think of another person who he'd be willing to help. But with his confusing ways of being against Regina, but obviously not with the good guys, it'll be interesting to find out. 

David remembers. The problem is he doesn't realize he remembers. Which in hindsight could be a good thing since Graham remembered and look how that turned out. The real problem is that we don't know where it's going. And we don't know if this Katherine this is a big deal, or just a piece of the puzzle. Of course it'll all turn out, and David is going to remain in therapy, so I'm sure we'll discover the truth soon. 
Mary Margaret. Wow that was a horrible decision. I mean, of course it makes sense, if can can break out of jail you would. But she's being accused of murder by everyone, even David. I don't see how she thinks breaking out of jail will make things better for her. It's a conflicting story. Anyway, Mary M hasn't gotten herself out of anything because according to the episode summaries for episodes 17 and 18, she will remain the prime suspect. 
Emma and Mr Gold are two remarkably similar characters. They both have an incredible amount of power. But one realizes it, and the other doesn't. However, if they are indeed joining forces, there isn't a thing on earth that can stop them. And, I would never say no to some Emma-Gold stuff, they've always been a secret ship of mine. And, more importantly, it could easily lead them to finding Belle. 
August W. Booth and Henry. That's two more people that know. I mean, we already knew Henry knew, and we assumed August did too, but now we know for sure that there are four people in Storybrooke that know. And when the key opened Emma and Mary M's apartment door, I couldn't help but scream "Thank you August W Booth!"
-So now we know that Emma knows Regina set up Mary M. Now all she's looking for is a good motive and some evidence that isn't illegal. 
-Where do Snow and Charming do from here?
-What happened to Katherine? 
-Here's an observation that proves Regina is setting up Mary M...she was wearing her ring while peeling that apple. 
-Why did Rumple make that love thing?
-How will Snow and Charming find each other again?
-How will Emma and Gold prove Mary M's innocence?
"Hat Trick"
Emma's search for Mary Margaret is put on hold when she is kidnapped by a man with an obsession for hats on the verge of madness while the backstory of the Mad Hatter is revealed along with a secret mission authorized by the Evil Queen to travel to Wonderland and steal a prized artifact from the Queen of Hearts.


  1. Really love rumpy, he's such a complex and amazing character, I'd definately bump off belle to have him to myself.

    My guess as what he's going to do with the potion is probably keep it for his collection as he has only the one hair from each.

    Or, he may use it to protect himself from true love given that it's a 'weakness' that could take his power from him.

    I do have to ask tho, why is he helping emma over throw regina when in reality it's his fault that they are in the situation they are. When the evil queen couldn't get the spell to work he could/should have refused.

    But anyway enough of my rambling, fantastic site and already one of my favourites now.

  2. I think Rumple might want to get back at Regina because of the whole thing that happened with Bele, But as for why he helped The Queen in the first place, he was locked up and the was his way out of there.

    Maybe he is taking Emma's side to get Regina's power as Mayor?

    I'm not sure either.

  3. my guess is all those vials are the ingredients for the dark curse.


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