Sunday, March 11, 2012

Season 1, Episode 15: "Red Handed"

"I would do anything for you"-Red
Wow. When they said the rest of this season would be "all killer no filler" they were NOT joking. Seriously, the whole thing had me going "omigosh, omigosh omigosh!" and it was definitely a step up from last week's "Dreamy." This was the best episode since "Skin Deep" thought I can't say it was better. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Rumple/Mr. Gold and/or Belle, but that really more of a fangirl thing, so lets dive in. 

So, this Red and Peter thing was interesting. It's also kind of the reason I liked "Skin Deep" better than this episode. Because it was an epic love story, and this really wasn't. It was more of an adventure. So, I suppose it was just as good but in a different way. The idea of Red being the wolf really didn't appeal to me. I understand that OUAT is their take on fairytales, but this was was a little bit too warped for me. I also had convinced myself toward the beginning that perhaps it was Dr Whale, even though the creators confirmed that we wouldn't be learning his fairytale identity until next season.
Snow White continues to be an extremely complex character. To me, even more so than Queenie. She has a problem with expressing her emotions, but she's also got that pure heart that is "white as snow." In the next episode we shall be learning more about Snow and her rivalry against the Queen. Perhaps it shall raise the question of whether or not Snow is really good or evil. 
Granny was really hard core! At first I thought she was a real bitch, but once you realize that Red is the wolf, you see that she's only trying to protect her. But if she wanted Red to keep the cloak on to protect her village, all she had to do was tell her. 
Happy endings, is my third favorite show, but more importantly, it is a key element in OUAT. I feel like when another fan said no one but Snow and Charming got their happy endings in the enchanted forest, and that now that they're in Storybrooke, they actually have a better chance of achieving that. So let's go down the list shall we?
-Cinderella lost her prince, and was pregnant for 28 years. 
-The huntsman was held prisoner by the queen until he was transported to Storybrooke, where he died. 
-Rumpelstiltskin his son, as well as his true love. 
-The evil queen lost her true love. 
-The genie was forever trapped in a magic mirror. 
-Red Riding Hood killed her true love. 
-Grumpy and Nova lost each other. 
You see what I'm saying? There are no happy endings in these fairytales besides Snow and Charming. Honestly, it's a bit upsetting. 

Katherine's disappearance should be a main thing through the rest of the season. And here we saw Emma laying out the suspects. David was an obvious choice. He wanted to be with Mary Margaret and we didn't know how far he was willing to go for that. Of course, we all knew he didn't kill her or do anything at all to hurt her. But when we see that he's still having blackouts and not remembering things, we start to question ourselves, no? But when Ruby finds that box by the Toll Bridge, we all know what's inside and who put it there. All we need is some conformation. And at the end is was confirmed what was inside (I completely called it, I don't know about you), but we have gotten a new suspect for the mystery. And we know it's not the right one. We saw in "The Thing You Love Most" that Regina is damn good with frame jobs, but this one must have taken some serious effort. 
Ruby got her adventure here, and she didn't wind up killing anyone in the process. She's sweet, and she's lost. But it seems she's got someone new guiding her way: August W. Booth. Guys, over the course of about five seconds I found a new couple to ship: Ruby and August. I'd like to see that happen. 

-What happened to Katherine?
This one has been pretty ongoing. Do you think she's dead? Do you think that was her heart by the toll bridge? Do you think Regina did it? Why do you think Mary M's fingerprints were there? This question unravels a chain of a million new ones. 
-What's in store for Ruby?
-Who the hell is Dr Whale?
This one is constantly bugging me.
-Where do Mary M and David go from here? They have love, but in the real world, that's not always enough. This Katherine thing is a way to test them, and it makes me wonder, did Regina only do it to make it harder for them?

"Heart of Darkness" 
Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret for Kathryn's suspected murder and Mr. Gold is hired to represent Mary Margaret as her attorney while the events concerning Prince Charming's search for Snow White continue to be revealed along with his attempt to stop a determined Snow – whose memory is still clouded by Rumpelstiltsken's potion – from assassinating the Evil Queen.
sounds exiting....


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