Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finale Predictions

There is a new poll on this site, and it is definitely a spoiler so if you don't like spoilers...well...put a piece of paper on the side of your computer screen or something because it's there and I have no intention of taking it down. So, what is this insane spoiler?
I'm getting to it (which I know is silly because it's staring you in the face) but first I'd like to discuss a few other theories:
-So, the big question since "The Return" has been, who and where is Baelfire. He's around, I guess. But that's where the information stops. But I have a new favorite theory:
He's Henry's dad. Think about it. He's not in Storybrooke (well, as far as we know), and Emma said he's no hero. I know that doesn't sound like Bae, but give it some more thought. He lost his dad and was sent to a land without magic with no way back. That could turn a person pretty cold hearted. So, what do you all think of that theory?

-What's going to go down with Belle? Don't deny it. We've all been wondering. Hell, I've even fan-ficed about it and I NEVER fan-fic. Every time I see a scene in the hospital my mind immediately goes "they're gonna find her! yes!"
We know we won't really find out until the finale, but it's still cool to throw theories around. Katherine is in the hospital, and it's Gold's does that mean that maybe-just maybe-they could find her via Katherine? And when they do, I'm sure one of two things will happen:
1. Gold will wring Regina's neck out and call her every horrible word you're allowed to say on television and leave her for dead (of course she won't really die. That'd be silly.)
2. Belle or Gold will die. Because that's the only way they're getting rid of this plotline. It sounds horrible, but it's true.
Other things that could happen with Belle are floating around all over the place. I'm actually looking at as I'm writing this, so I'm really thinking hard.
-One person said that Regina will release Belle if Gold agrees to admit his involvement with Katherine.
-Somebody else said Belle is Gina's daughter? That one's nuts.
-Someone else said that Belle will break out and save Gold's life like in the movie.

So, all that stuff is great, but I've got a lovely spoiler for you all just so that your minds will explode (that one was a quip #Rumpelstiltskin):
Someone completely, majorly, incredibly SHOCKING will DIE sometime over the next few episodes.
So who's it gonna be?
Theories are incredibly appreciated, and I'm going to be moving the post to the top over and over again until it happens, so if you don't see the review for any of the next episode, just scroll down.


  1. Anyone else feel like they'll jump off a cliff if there is no season 2 of OUAT?! I wanna see a Little Mermaid episode...

    Hmmm...IDK whose death would enhance the plot line...Maybe Archie?? I feel like he would break out of his shell and do something heroic again (Yay for "That Still Small Voice")??

    Gah!! Where do you find these spoilers?!

  2. It better not be rumpy or i will track down the lost writers, and then they really will be lost, til they agree to bring him back.

    Okay an empty threat, but I definately will not be a happy bunny if he does.

    My guess for who will die, probably belle in order to save rumpy from being stabbed with his dagger by regina.

  3. I almost feel like August is going to die...ya know, terminal disease and all...but is that too predictable??

    Watch it be Rumple. OUAT writers prepare for mass fan attack!!!

  4. The preview is making it look like henry!!!! :(


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