Sunday, April 29, 2012

Season 1, Episode 20: "The Stranger"

"The curse will end. Good will win"-Henry
Excellent, excellent episode tonight. Not as good as last week, but as you can clearly see, we are certainly nearing season 1's climax. And if the commercials about it being TV's #1 new drama were any indication, I think we'll be getting a season 2 so yay! This was really Pinocchio/ Gepetto centric, which I couldn't bring myself to love since the extreme hatred I developed toward August last week. Anyway, I'll get into that later. Lets get started!

Pinocchio and Gepetto were obviously the main focus of this. And as much as I hate August, every time he put on that little hat my heart gave a little squeeze and my mouth went "awwww". At the beggining of the episode, when the stupid little blue fairy said "as long as he remains honest and unselfish, he will be a real boy" it made me shoot off with "so that's why you're dying. Because you're a selfish liar!" But midway through the episode, I started to feel a little bad. I mean, August just doesn't want to die, and his only way to do that is through Emma, and all he's done is get her further away from believing. But more on that later. The point is, Pinocchio's story was sweet. And I like how much Gepetto cares about him, and that he says trying to get Emma to believe...trying to correct his enough for him. 
The Blue Fairy is still one of the most hated characters in my book. I'm actually a bit upset that she was totally cool trasporting Emma and Pinocchio, but not Rumple. 
I used to really dislike Jiminy Cricket, but he's actually turning into one of my favorite characters. That thing Gepetto said about his parents was really "Oh no he didn't!" and it made me very sad. 

The whole Regina and David thing was built up way more than it should have been, and it was predictable. Regina tries to seduce him, and fails. Lame. 
Emma, Henry, and August were all kind of tied together here. August really, really wants Emma to believe, just like Henry. But Henry wants it so that good will prevail and all that, and August wants it so he doesn't die. And, well, now Emma thinks he's a sociopath. Honestly, I'm wondering if he is too. I mean, that leg looked pretty dang normal to me. At least from Emma's point of view. And now Emma's got Henry in her car and is pretty much kidnapping him. Yup. She's screwed. This is like Mary M running away from jail except dumber. 
Mr. Gold is just too awesome. I thought it was the weirdest thing in the world when he didn't start cussing August out as soon as he answered, or start hitting him on the head with his cane when he walked into the shop, but whatever. Guess that's just how he rolls. And I'm DYING to know when he's going to find Belle. Somehow, I think August will have something to do with it. 

-Honestly. Who's going to die in the finale. I screamed when I thought it might be Henry in that little trailer...ah please no!
-Was I the only one who totes expected to see Baelfire walk out from the back of the orphanage and be like "Hey. What up?"
-What's going to happen to Emma and Henry?
-Sorry, but I do not, nor will I ever ship Emma and August. I ship Emma and Baelfire haha...not kidding. I still am rooting for him being Henry's dad, but we'll see. 
-I heard on tumblr that the hatter would be in the next episode. Don't take that to heart though. I know he'll be in the finale for sure, but this is just a rumor. 
-Is August really going to die?
-Is Emma ever going to believe?
-Can you believe there are only two more episodes lift!? Surreal....
-What'd you think of the episode?

"An Apple Red as Blood" By Jane Epenson (famous for the Rumple episodes) and David H. Goodman ("True North" and "Hat Trick")
As Regina devises a master plan that will force Emma into leaving Storybrooke forever, Henry pleads with Emma to continue her quest while the events surrounding Snow White's rescue of Prince Charming are revealed along with her plan to enlist the aid of her allies and defeat the Evil Queen once and for all.

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  1. Just wanted to say...I wanted to murder Emma for her stupidness!!! (August: Everyone needs you! Emma: Then you're all screwed!!!) GAHHH!!!!

    Baelfire needs to randomly show up out of nowhere and confuse everyone. Regina included.


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