Sunday, May 6, 2012

Season 1, Episode 21: "An Apple Red as Blood"

"Losing my life for love. That's a sacrifice I am happy to make"-Prince 'Charming' James
Guess who took actual notes today? That's right, me! Anyway, I'm such a wreck right now. I seriously cannot believe any of this. And to think I spent the day freaking out over the HIMYM I mean, this was just over the top amazing. I'm still in shock. Wow. Just WOW. 

So, I guess I'll start with Snow and Regina. Their plotline was the fascinating part of the whole fairytale story this time around. See, I had no idea Snow didn't know about Daniel and how he died. I truly thought she knew. After all, she admitted to ruining Regina's life. When it was made clear that she had no idea Daniel had died because of her I felt bad for both of them. But in all honesty, I was kind of rooting for Regina in this episode. I just feel like she's a more complex and interesting character in this show. And, lets face it, I transferred to the evil side long ago. However, you couldn't help but let out a little gasp at Snow and Charming's telepathic moment before she fell onto the ground. The whole apple bit was done extremely well.
Next up is Snow and her cronies. Wait...that came out wrong. They aren't cronies. Anyway, I thought this segment was a little boring. I mean, I love Disney, but OUAT has always put a big twist on all the stories and not made them too cliche or cheesy, but this part of it was really like that. It was like 'haha! we're fighting and winning! Good prevails yay!' lame...But I liked how Snow was such a badass. Gotta love her. 
Snow and Charming are so adorable. I fell in love with them in "7:15AM" and I'm still really liking their plotline (although Mary M and David are a different story...). I'm glad they get their happy ever after. but I do wish characters like Regina and Rumple could get theirs too. 

Jefferson and Regina are such a weird pair. Since "Hat Trick" I've more shipped him with Emma, and seeing him with Gina kind of made me laugh. I mean, he should rip her to shreds. Weird weird. And I was a little upset that Regina sure as hell won't be holding up her end of the deal. I also totally called that the whole cutting off Regina's head thing was a dream...except I thought it was Emma's dream until it was actually happening. I felt so sorry for Gina.I mean, yeah, she's evil, but stil...she's scared and sad and alone and I can't help but feel for her.
Regina and Gold. Oh, man. So, let me get this straight. The only way the curse gets broken is if Emma dies? Because that's how Rumple designed it...oh man. This is so not cool. I mean, Gold, Emma, and Regina are my top 3 fave characters....why must they be against each other?!? Sigh. On a different note, That moment when this dialogue occuered:
Regina: I'll give you anything you want
Gold: You have nothing more to offer
I so wanted Regina to just tell him about Belle because she DOES have something to offer! Arggh! Why!?!?
Emma. WHY DO YOU NOT BEILIEVE IN THE CURSE!?!?! I was never intensely bothered by this before but now it's killing me! She needs to LOOK AROUND and WAKE UP. Isn't it about time? #Jefferson. 
And Henry. whyyyyyyyyy!?!? Henry is my 4th favorite character and the idea that he killed himself (well, pretty much) over the curse makes me so sad. If Emma would just believe this would all be OK...but she won't and man. This is just so upsetting. 
August. I still do not like that man. 
-So the finale...who's excited!? And who's going to die?
-Belle and Maleficent and Jefferson are coming back! Yay...can't wait! Jane Epenson said that Belle's return would be 'satisfying' and if it isn' man. Someone will die.
-What will happen to Henry?
-Queenie's dress was just the bomb in this. 
-I guess Emma can't leave now...
-Why do you think Gold wants the curse broken?
-So, is the Katherine storyline over or...what?
-Don't like them faries. 
-Jeniffer Morrison did an interview recently and said that Emma would find it so crazy for Henry to be so convinced the curse is real...enough to put his life on the line. Guess I should have seen this coming. 
-Stealthy was mentioned!

"A Land Without Magic" by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Season Finale
That's all the info we have...


  1. This episode was pretty boring I have to say. I was OBVIOUS that henry was going to eat it, considering emma really didn't give a damn about anyone but him, so something had to happen. This way i think you'll fine regina desperate to break the curse too so she have some way to save henry.

    However attempting to break the curse will have some other problem, meaning that there will be someone else to deal with the in the next series, possibly rumple will be the big bad guy, or maybe even bael.

    So i'm really not holding my breath for the happy ever after at the end of next episode.

    Dunno if it's been the massive breaks between episodes that just robbed me of my excitement..that last three week break just ruined it for me.. or the lack of any really decent rumple episiode for ages but i'm a but meh about OUAT.

    1. Well, I'd tend to disagree to the comment above. This episode was really suspenseful for me.

    2. I think that the episode may have been predictable in some aspects (i.e. Regina's dream and Henry eating the apple) BUT even if I saw it coming, it kept me on the edge of my seat because the tension kept rising.

      Somehow I doubt that the curse will be broken in this finale...I mean, their goal is to have a season 2, right?? So I am curious to see what they'll do...there will be HELL to pay when Rumple finds Belle!!!

      HOWEVER...I do agree that there needs to be another good Rumple episode. And what happened to Bae?? And for Pete's sake what is going on with Mary M. and David!!! They totally dropped that whole plot line...



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