Friday, May 11, 2012

Your OUAT Finale Spoilers Guide

Hello, Oncers! Are you ready for your finale spoilers...I've been collecting them so be prepared to be bombarded!
Okay, here are the promos/ sneak peeks (I've been trying to cut myself off from them but it's really a hopeless cause.)
Alright, I hope you enjoyed those...and got excited because I got really freaking excited!!!
Here are some other interesting things to note:
-OUAT has OFFICIALLY been renewed for a second season!
- Ginnifer Goodwin said about the finale on "Good Morning America": “You will be shocked. You will throw things at the television. You will not believe it…. You will not believe where we are taking the show in the finale. It was shocking to all of us.”
-Eddie and Adam teased a beautiful part of the finale, saying:
Q: Will we be seeing any more episodes with Rumple and Belle A: “There is one episode left, so I would be very disappointed as a fan if they didn’t make an appearance in it.”
-Belle, The Huntsman, and Maleficent are all in the finale.

Any more spoilers are appreiciated! I love you all, and I can't wait until Sunday!
Let's get ready to Rumbelle! (Sorry, haters. It had to be said.)

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