Sunday, September 30, 2012

Season 2, Episode 1: Broken Like...what? I need to get my thoughts straight. That was amazing. Damn, was that amazing. So much stuff happened and so many new questions presented thenselves. Forgive the structuring of this post because it is going to be awful.
The Enchanted Forest:
Aurora, Mulan, and Phillip. I was not impressed at first. The whole episode I just kept thinking "what is the point?" But I think that is what kept me interested. Because I did not understand, I kept watching. There are still a ton of unanswered questions regarding this segment. Is Phillip dead? Why were they still in FTL? Obviously Mulan and Phillip must have had some kind of, um...affection going on if it was just the two of them for 28 years. Anyway, nice segment, I am super excited to see what happens.
The awkward dementor thing was weird. I mean...what? I am so confused.
The Charmings were so cute! Snow and Charming were such pushy parents and Emma was totally like "get offa me" and it was just really interesting. I think they portrayed it very well. I also loved how Emma was totally down with Henry's wishes. She understood why he did not want Regina dead and it made sense. Whereas Charming was still giving into the David in him a bit, ready to kill her without thinking straight.
Dr Whale. No, really. Literally everyone wants to know who you are.
Regina is so easy to feel bad for in spite of everything. She is human and she does love Henry and even though she is a lot if evil, it is sad to see her suffer. Gold though...boy did he lose any sympathy for her.
And going off that, Gold and Belle were the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. They are definitely going to have issues, but they just have so much chemistry that you cannot NOT want them to be together. Everyone ships RumBelle to an extent, don't deny it.
The awkward dementor thing was weirder in Storybrooke because's an awkward dementor out to get Regina because Gold, marked her with that thingymabob. I don't know, guys. It's freaky.
Random Questions, Thoughts, and Ramblings:
-"They're gonna kill her!" "Great! Lets go watch!" Oh, Grumpy...
-all the reunions were so cute.
-You know what's awesome about this show? It can be a total cheese wedge and we will still love it. Like when the Charmongs were all standing with brooms in Gina's office. We can make fun of that and still love it. It's awesome.
-Anyone else get massive chipped cup feels?
-Anyone else feel the SwanQueen when Emma and Gina's were getting the hat to work?
-No, really. The dementor.
-What do you think will happen with Mary M and Emma?
-That guy at the beginning. Have at.
-Did you like the premiere?
Aaaaaand those are my initial thoughts. Feel free to ask questions through comments or hit me up on twitter (@OUAFanBlog) or my tumblr ( Have a magical week and I await next Sunday!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Promo Pictures!!

These lovely promo photos came out today!! I know we have been waiting for them!
Two more days, guys. Just two mire crazy long days.

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promos/Sneak Peeks/Thoughts

Hello, beautiful Oncers! So glad there are obly eight more days until ONCE season 2! This summer has been FOREVER LONG, right? But at least we have some nice promos and sneak peeks to hold us over. This post is very spoiler heavy, so if you do not want to be spoiled, don't look. 
So, that first promo is for the ABC Sunday lineup, and it doesn't look like they'll be calling it "ABC Feel Good Sunday" anymore, right? The promo is for ONCE, Revenge, and the newbie 666 Park Avenue, which I think I'm going to start watching because, yup, that was John Locke. Anyway, ABC deserves a freaking medal for this promo because it's AMAZING. Got me really excited for Sundays this year.
You guys remember this one. They aired it right after "A Land Without Magic" to torture out feelings. In this promo we got to see Snow and Charming and Emma and Gina and Gold and Belle, plus a glimpse at Mulan and Aurora. WOW. This promo was CRAZY! I jumped off my couch when I saw it!
In this sneak peek we discover something very interesting...magic doesn't really work for Regina in Storybrooke. That ought to make for an interesting season. And also, because someone needs to say it, WHO ARE YOU, DR. WHALE!?!?!?
This sneak peek shows the whole Charming clan, with the exception of Henry, and they have Regina locked up, poor thing. I really don't understand why they locked her up since she is unable to use magic and therefore cannot really hurt them, but whatever. I'm sure they will explain it in the premiere. Plus, this sneak peek had Gold at the end doing the proud walk of a man who just got laid (don't give me credit for that joke, I got it off tumblr.)
And here we see everyone walking down the street and it's not awkward, right? Them having a family reunion in from of everyone as they go on a quest to find Rumpelstiltskin? Oh, Lord. Either way, I am excited to see how Emma works everything out with her parents. I think it will be very sweet once Emma gets over herself. Not that I blame her for being crazed like that, that is exactly how I would react. Also, I love how parent-like Snow and Charming are in this, it just warms my heart.
And finally, this clip. I actually did not put it last because I'm a Rumbelle nut. I put it last because I couldn't find it. Anyway, this was just awesome. He is so ready to protect her and destroy Regina in her name, but she's too sweet and adorable to let him do that. Now, I know more Rumbelle spoilers than I'd like to, but this clip was just mind-blowing and heart-smashing. I cannot wait to see this couple next season. CAN'T WAIT!!

Only a week left, you guys. We can do this.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers and Promo

Hello my beautiful dearies!! Sorry I've been, M.I.A. for a while, I'm a terrible blog owner. Anyway, just thought I'd share some nice spoilers with you guys, and, of- course, post the amazing season 2 promo!! -Jefferson will definitely be appearing nezt season, along with Maleficent -Episode 4 is about Captain Hook, but is also very RumBelle centric. -The premiere is titled "Broken" and is said to be more Snow White centric, however it looks like Mulan, Aurora and Prince Phillip will also be in it. -Jorge Garcia (Yes, from LOST) has been cast as the giant, which I assume means Jack and the Beanstalk. I'd also like to brag that I totally called that one. -Jennifer Morrison recently tweeted about an Emma centric episode being in the works. Okay! That is my spoiler knowledge at the moment, but feel free to comment with your own spoilers. I always label spoilers, but this blog is NOT spoiler-free.