Sunday, March 16, 2014

Season 3, Episode 13: "Witch Hunt"

"I've already lost everything that matters"-Regina
Hey guys! I sincerely apologize for my absence last week, and on that note I am also very sorry but I won't be posting a review next week either because of my work schedule. If you'd like to fill in for me, leave a comment. Anyway, I loved this episode! Just yesterday I was complaining about the show (I'm allowed to complain, right? I mean I've been loyal since episode 1) and then BAM they hit me with this. It was so good, you guys. And I LOVED seeing Charlotte from Lost on my screen again (she was the wicked witch, if you're not a huge lostie). 

So okay. Basically Henry (with his new, low voice. Ah, puberty) became cool once he lost all his memories about SB. Hmmmm. And I'm just a little lost (hehe) about the fact that Emma's like "Yeah, Henry's basically the most popular kid in school now" and Henry has never so much as mentioned a single friend he made. Maybe that's something we'll see later? I don't know. 
I always love the Emma/Regina dynamic. They screwed up not doing Swan Queen in season 1, sorry not sorry. They were great in this episode, and it felt like the good old fashioned S1 angst. It was nice to see. 
Hook and his damn sexual jokes. That's all. 
Snow/Charming just hanging out. That seems to be a lot of what they do these days. 
Zelena is pretty cool so far. I like her whole demeanor and would like some flashbacks, which I assume we'll get soon enough. . 
Rumpelstiltskin IS BACK!! AND HE HAS STUBBLE! IT'S PERFECT! (save for the fact that he's crazy but oh well.) 

I actually took a huge liking to the Regina/Robin Hood interactions. She's so oblivious to him, and he's so intrigued by her. It's really beautiful, honestly. I'm quite happy with how the writers are handling this. 
The Wicked Witch and Regina also had some fabulous interactions. The Wicked vs Evil this is a little bit completely lame, but I like that they're sisters (woot woot family tree) and I'm interested to see her flashbacks!
I think that's almost everything in FTL for today

-Who is Zelena's dad??
-Why is Rumple crazy now? 
-They kind of said this I guess, but what do ya'll think is Zelena's intent with all this?
-So is Neal a flying monkey now too? Emma digs them monkeys. 
-Why is Zelena keeping Rumple captive?
-Why was Mulan not with Robin Hood? Isn't she one of his merry men?

That's all I've got! Thanks for reading, leave your comments and follow me on twitter @OUAFanBlog :)