Sunday, October 21, 2012

Season 2, Episode 4: The Crocodile

Okay! Where do I even begin...this episode was probably the absolute sexiest of OUAT for me, and I hate myself for watching a bunch of the sneak peeks and promos. I am now officially blacklisting spoiler tags. Anyway, this was just perfection and I am eager to start rambling!
The Fairytale World:
Honestly, I thought both areas of the episode were incredibly interesting. If I had to pick a favorite, maybe I liked Storybrooke a little more but this was also amazing.
Rumpelstiltskin is like the John Locke of OUAT. His life is SO SAD. Between his son, his wife, and's ridiculous. The whole thing with Milah...I really do not think he loved her any more than she loved him. He just did not realize it because he had never been in love. If he loved her, he never would have been able to watch her die the way he did. If he loved her, his reaction would have been like Hook's, but it wasn't. What they had was an illusion. It was almost what they needed, but not quite.
Milah is really just stupid. I mean, yeah, she loved Hook, but she should also love her son. Her son should always be the most important thing to her, whether or not she loved Rum. I really do hate her. I understand the true love thing, but she is an idiot. Love the actress though, she was fantastic.
And Hook, can someone turn on the air conditioner because it just got HOT in here! Dang! I am ashamed to admit that Hook distracted me all through the episode, but I regret nothing! I mean, Colin o'Donaghue played Hook amazingly. The character is mean and really not a good person, but...he is like a less broken Rum. Either way, he can tick my tock any day if you know what I mean.
Smee is confusing. I don't know if I should hate him or not.
Oh good God so much to say...I'll start with something less painful.
Charming and Ruby both rock. Can we just sit back and love them for a minute. They are so much smarter than Rum and Belle in this relationship. I just love them, they are officially perfect.
Moe is a nutjob. I get that he wants to protect his daughter but that is really not the right path to take. I mean...
Dear Parents:
If you don't like your kid's boyfriend/girlfriend, do not send them through a mine and brainwash them. That is not a good plan. Sincerely,
All joking aside, that was just messed up. And made me sob, too.
Belle haters are ridiculous. Belle is a strong woman who doesn't let people push her around. If you're going to hate on that, enjoy your crazy juice somewhere else, por favor. Honestly, I love Belle, though the writers seem to enjoy torturing her. She is such a perfect character. She is strong and determined, but she knows what she wants and won't let it get away.
Mr. Gold needed a hug all through this episode. Poor thing had to deal with being lied to by Moe, untrusted by everyone, and being given a heart attack by his true love nearly losing all memories of him. I am sorry, you can call him nuts all you want, but for everything he has been through, he has held up pretty nicely. I just really wish he had not brought magic now! How long must we wait for our Rum/Bae reunion!? *glares at August*
Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings:
-Speaking of August, where is that morally challenged wooden man?
-They just live to keep those Rumbelle kisses from us, don't they?
-Do you think everyone in Neverland or wherever will find their way back? Just Emma and Snow? Not Emma and Snow?
-Charming's arms are perfection.
-Rumple/Hook swordfight>Magic Mike
-What'd ya'll think of the episode?
-Regarding the promo for next week: WHAT. ON. EARTH. WAS. THAT.
-Really hoping Rumple can break the "new curse."
-You guys think maybe Bae was the guy in the premiere he got the postcard and now HE will find STORYBROOKE? That was my thought.
Anyway, that's it for my thoughts. This episode made my top 5. Did you guys like? Questions go in comments or to the twitter, @OUAFanBlog. Have a magical week, see you all next Sunday!


  1. What can I say aside from 'wow!!!' I loved this episode.. it's one I've been waiting on since the series restarted. I admit I even gave a two fist pumps in the air at the part where gold turned round and had turned into his rumpy look. 'but this is me deary!!' I really just hope they don't turn him into good guy needing redemption like they are doing with regina. Rumple was back on top form too, compared to the past couple of episodes. I will most likely watch this episode another handful of times, because I just couldn't get enough of it. Loved it!! oh and Hook was okay I suppose, though I doubt peter pan is Bael, although that would explain why a dodgy captain had a thing for chasing young boys. More rumple please!!

    1. I'm also not a fan of trying to redeem the villians. I hate it more with Regina because I like her evil, but with Rum it's a bit disconcerting also. I'd like him to maybe change for Belle, but not for everyone.
      Also really dont think Bae is Peter. Silly theory all around.
      Rumple was at his best in this, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Great episode!

    2. Agreed, as I said I doubt peter is Bael, (aside from the biggest point being that he was sent to a place that had no magic and Tink is certainly magic heh) but I don't understand why hook chose to go to Neverland when the bean was intended as Smee said, to help rumple find him. So why would hook go there if not to try and find Bael with the intention of using him against him? Also i agree with the dislike of turning Regina good, it needs the bad guys and I can't see that after X amount of years of the queen being evil that she's suddenly turned over a new leaf for that whiny brat. Also i am still smarting that he stood her up like that, it was very cruel.


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