Sunday, October 14, 2012

Season 2, Episode 3: Lady of the Lake

Awwww that was beautiful. Simply beautiful, which is no less than you expect from this director (also that of "Snow Falls" and "Skin Deep"). I just have so many things to say so lets get right to it.
Poor David and Henry seem so lost without Emma and Snow. But at least they are kind of figuring it out. I hope they can manage Storybrooke alright without those strong ladies.
Jefferson and Grace just MELTED MY HEART. I nearly cried when they were reunited it was just so beautiful. I love that Grace still loves her father and that now they can be a family again. This was probably my favorite part of the episode, it was simply amazing.
Present Fairytale World:
I'm pretty sure everyone's reaction to this was "What?", which makes complete sense. So, now I am going to "What?" all over you guys.
So, Mulan and Aurora I really did not like much at first, but they are kind of starting to grow on me. I hope Aurora really can get over herself, and that Mulan can just continue to be calm and cool. The characters have a lot of potential and I hope they are used well.
Snow and Emma had that perfect moment and the end and oh my gosh I wanted to cry. I do not have children, nor am I very attatched to my family, but I think that moment struck a chord with everyone. It was brilliantly done. I loved it.
And now...Cora. Let me just quote tumblr for a minute and say, things Cora is: Evil, manipulative, awful, untrustworthy, etc. things Cora is not: a friend. And it's good that Snow saw that, but bad that Cora turned out to be a shape-shifter. I just hope Snow and Emma can get rid of her somehow because we really don't need her causing more problems. I mean, these characters have enought issues, okay.
Past Fairytale World:
I have done this last because it was my favorite part of the episode. I don't know why, it was just so beautiful and so perfect. I just loves it.
Snow and Charming can get old sometimes, but they always wind up making you love them again. This was a point in the show where the Snowing shipper part of me just,burst out and sang about how lovely they are. I just love them, all the time. Enought said.
Poor Lancelot! He was so good to Snow and Charming (even if he killed Charming's mum a bit indirectly), I was so upset to hear that he died because of Cora. I hope we get more of him somehow *winks and writers*
Charming's mother...oh my gosh. So heartbreaking, how do I even explain...I love that she loved her son enought to die for his happiness. Maybe this is how all mothers are, but it was just so beautiful. I loved it. And she died during their wedding...oh Gods that was beautiful.
Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings
-Operation Viper? Scorpion? Henry, you are perfect.
-Regina being redeemed is not really sitting well with me. I love Gina, she is my favorite female character, but I like her evil and I'm waiting for her to become evil again. However, Henry standing her up for lunch was saddening. Poor Gina.
-Usually, episodes without Rumple disappoint me, but this was an exception to that.
-Where did Cora go and when will we be rid of her?
-May we have a King George centric episode just because of reasons? I'm becoming curious about this character.
-Guise. The teddy bear. LOST.
-Is Regina redeemed?
-What is even Charming's name?
-Can you all even wait for next week? Hook and Rumple and Belle and wow...I am so excited it is crazy. I know the writers are aware that the Rumbelle fandom likes to have their emotions battered, but hopefully they will be sort of gentle. Lets not have the return of "The Return" alright?
Questions go in comments or on el twitter, @OUATFanBlog. I am going to watch 666 Park Avenue and ya'll have a lovely week!


  1. Wasn't that impressed with this episode, but i think that was more to do with no Rumple, and yes I did feel sorry that regina got stood up. henry is so ungrateful at times.

    As for FTL, when charmings mum was dying I thought 'somebody shout for rumple.. he'll save her!' would have been great having him show up and say 'you didn't have to shout deary'

    Still fingers crossed for next week. I have serious rumple withdrawal.

  2. Ok, so don't get me wrong, I loveeee that snow is Emma's mombut is it just me or is seeing them like mother daughter wierd since they were best friends not long ago?


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