Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season 2, Episode 2: We Are Both

Good job, ONCE. It's not like I was already crying over the Broncos game or anything. Anyway...Really interesting, slightly insane episode tonight. My emotions are kind of confused. There was just so much going on and there are so many questions. Anyway, let's just get to it, shall we?
The Fairytale World:
No crazy dementors this time around, but we did get some if Cora, which is not much better. I hate that she ruined Regina, who could have been so pure and wonderful had she been given the oppourtunity to live a life with someone she loved. It is sad to think that because Daniel was killed, the person Regina could have been was killed too. Cora ruined her daughter, though she did not want to, and many people died because of it. Now, Regina. I sort of already said everything but whatever. It is so sad to see her still wanting to be good. She hates that her mother is so vicious and she does not want to be that, ever. And I almost feel like she could have been a good person still had it not been for someone else.
Which brings me to Rumpelstiltskin. You guys all know I have a real nice one-sided love affair going on with him, but even I was a little irked with him in this. Now, it has become clear to me that Regina is in fact the baby he wanted, and Cora is the millers daughter. I think he had Regina get rid of her mother for him, for his revenge on her for guessing his name or however she ended up keeping Regina. Now he is all about helping her be magical and whatnot, but obviously, they don't end up being power hungry BFFs in the long run. So what changes between them? I woukd really like to know.
I'm going to add the whole Snow, Emma, Aurora, Mulan, Curse Escapees, and Cora again to this FTL thing. Now, I find it a bit irrational that they just up and capture Snow and Emma before even questioning them, then they throw them into a hole thing in a very LOST-esque fashion. And who is down there? None but Cora. The mild SwanQueen shipper part of me is kind of hoping Emma will kick Cora's arse in Regina's honor, but I also hope Snow and Emma just at least see through her friend BS. Either way, I'm curious.
Holy Mary Margaret Mother of Emma where do I even begin...
How about with August. Um...what!? He just up and left? He did not stop to think that maybe someone like Henry or Emma would tell Gepetto where he was? Okay. Whatever toasts your bagel, but that was dumb.
And Charming. If you were a lostie then you must have thought he was going a little Jack Shephard on us here. Wanting to save everyone and fix everything...oh my. He needed to maybe appoint some people to do different things. I don't want him coming up with plans like blowing open hatch doors and climbing onto bomb-infested submarines.
Jefferson, what is wrong with you? No, really. What was he doing? Did it not occur to him that now his daughter knows who he is? Okay, man. Okay.
Mr. Gold made me want to cry in this episode. We can all assume that what he wants is to find his son. Well, that is going to be hard when he cannot leave the town without forgetting everything. I was also a bit disappointed at the lack of Belle. Should she not have been there to comfort him through all that? Shame on you, writers. Either way, I hope Gold can find a way around all of it. We want Bae back just,as much as he does.
It is so obvious that Regina and Henry do love each other, and it is sad that because of their different natures, a healthy mother-son relationship cannot really work between them. Also, it is obvious that Regina is not conpletely redeemed. First off, she kept the book. Secondly, it would be boring if she changed so fast. I know she loves Henry but as she told Rum, she also loves her magic.
Lingering Thoughts and/or Questions:
-"So simple even David Nolan could figure it out" Gold, stop making us love you.
-How is Cora still the same age? Does this give any indication about when everything went down?
-What will happen with Emna and Snow?
-Why do you think Gold wanted to leave so badly?
-Since FTL exists, do you think everyone will want to go back, with perhaps the exception of Gold, perhaps Belle, and maybe Gina?
-What's the deal with August?
-Am I the only one who constantly finds myself wanting to ship Evil Charming?
-How can I build a time machine to nake next Sunday get here faster?
Thanks for listening to me ramble! Questions can be asked in comments or on twitter, @OUAFanBlog. Have a magical week and I will see all you Oncers next Sunday!


  1. On the whole I was a bit disappointed with this episode. Especially Mr Gold/Rumple side of things. He's the only reason I watch this show, but was it just me that thought rumple wasn't himself? His voice was off, and he just lacked his certain... rumpleness. He is up to something however, especially as he's made a deal that Charming stay out of his way, however you would think after X amount of years knowing how words to deals can be twisted, I'm surprised he left it open so easily for Charming to order others to interfere, providing he doesn't actually do the standing. Also, he gave regina the book without getting something out of it.. as I said all in all..disappointing episode.

    1. I agree, there was definitely something off about Rum. Bad directing, perhaps? Since we all know Robert Carlyle is flawless. I rewatched the episode last night and all in all I just found it really creepy in general. Not entirely disappointing, just unbelievably creepy on so many levels, mostly in FTL.

    2. Exactly, it just gave of the air that robert/rumple just really couldn't be bothered this week, and just gave his lines to go home. OUAT writers need to improve things. Definitely one of my least favorite episodes.

    3. This episode got very mixed reviews, I noticed. Sone loved it and some couldn't stand it. I thought it was just alright. Definitely not a favorite of mine, but on another ONCE blog people were saying it was better than the previous episode. I disagree, but maybe that's just me.

    4. Again, I agree with you, in that's it not a favorite episode. As I understand it the first belle/rumple episode is the general favorite. Still only another 4 more days for me until the next one, and I am really looking forward to when Hook shows up ;-) Oh and btw.. was I the only one who when first seeing mulan when 'Where's muushuu!!'

  2. I felt like this was just a filler episode to get some details out of the way. It was kind of disappointing, since I wait all week for these babies!!!
    I was also very confused by it, and Rumple's least it got better by the end of the episode. ENHHH
    Let's hope Hook doesn't disappoint...and WHY OH WHY was there no August/Gepetto reunion scene??? WHYYY!!!
    Also, who the heck are you Dr. Whale???


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