Sunday, December 1, 2013

Season 3, Episode 9: "Save Henry"

"I sacrificed everything to build this life, and nothing will stop me from my revenge!"-Regina

Hi guys! So, blogger is being a total brat today (shocker) and so I'm really sorry this post is kind of late. I liked tonight's episode though! I mean, yeah, some stuff was dumb but for the most part I really liked it. The twist ending was fabulous, and everything else was pretty good too. This season is honestly so good, you guys. They've really stepped up their game this year.

Storybrooke Flashbacks:
This, to me, was clearly the better part of the episode. It showed so much of Regina that we have not seen for a while. It all was very interesting because it portrayed Regina as very selfish, which we all can admit that she is. I recently re-watched the pilot and in that episode they basically set up the idea that Regina didn't really love Henry. It almost seemed like that here because Regina wanted Henry for herself, not for him, and it took almost losing him for her to realize how important a mother was for him to have.
Now, the other big character of this segment was Mr. Gold. Now, if you all recall, Gold actually didn't remember. He remembered nothing until he heard Emma's name in the pilot. I love that because it makes Gold so much more diabolical. It trips up Regina so bad and it was so great and I just loved it. I also loved that first scene with Regina and Rumple in the cell. It was all really lovely and it reminded me of season 1.
We also saw Dr Whale! I love Whale so I got really fangirly when he came on screen.
Also, Sydney was in the episode kind of!
And just all those SB people, it was fabulous.

So, I'm just going to let you guys know my whole stance on Regina's complaint that she has nothing and Emma has everything.'s kind of her fault. She's the one who killed her dad, and she's the one who wouldn't go in and meet her true love and all that. I'm not happy that Regina's life sucks because I love Regina, but that complaint was really hypocritical.
Emma and Neal were really good in this episode. I liked Emma's little speech to the lost boys and Neal's little moment with his dad. Although I totally didn't understand how Rumple got released from the box. Oh well.
Peter Pan is such a nasty little thing...but Robbie Kay is absolute perfection. Pan was everything he should have been in this episode, and it was great. I loved his whole creepy-appearing-in-the-ship thing. And I loved the plot twist with him possessing Henry. I'm so excited for next week with all this new stuff, I expect it will be nothing short of fabulous.
May I just say that it's so ridiculous that they are trying to make us think Hook is a good guy now? I'm sorry, and I know they do the same thing with Rumple and Regina and it's annoying there too, but are we really just going to forget all the crap Hook did in season 2? I'm sorry, but I'm never going to like this character, to be honest. It has nothing to do with me liking Swanfire or Swan Queen. It's just...Hook. Sorry to fans of him, he's just not a favorite of mine.
I hope we get lots of Snowing in Storybrooke!

Lingering Thoughts/Questions/Musings:
-How do you think this whole body-switch thing is gonna go down?
-Are you happy we're going back to Storybrooke?
-What did you think of the Henry adoption story?
-Do you want to see more of the love triangle stuff?
-What did you think of 'Save Henry'?

Alright, that's all from me! Hope you guys liked! Follow me on twitter at @OUAFanBlog and I will see your perfect faces on Thursday! Bye!

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