Thursday, February 23, 2012

Season 1, Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick

"The only way no one gets hurt is if we don't want to be together"-Mary Margaret
Nice episode, though I think we were all hoping to see a little more Rumpelle...too bad.
This was mostly a Katherine episode, with snipits of Mary Margaret and David. I think we've all been seeing Katherine as a villain because she's keeping Mary M and David apart, but we've forgotten that she's cursed as well. This isn't the life she wanted either. And in this episode we also learn that she loves someone else....a man named Frederick.
You may have forgotten, but "what happened to Frederick" was already mentioned in "The Shepherd". And it was assumed by many fans that he was indeed turned to gold. Anyway, lets dive in!
Prince 'Charming' James was as good looking, romantic, and charming as ever in this episode. He was willing to give his life to help a woman he felt nothing for. The other thing was that he knows what love is, and he won't be fooled by an illusion. He's perfect. I know he's supposed to be, but they really couldn't have created him better. I loved that he wanted to help Abigail. I loved that he wouldn't give up on Snow even though she said she didn't love him. I love that even though he's never met Red Riding Hood, he wanted to save her even though it could wind up killing him. James was incredible here, and it was a perfect example of the fairytale concept. 
Obviously, none of us have ever really liked Princess Abigail. To many she was known as "the nag with the bad attitude" #Snow Falls. But here we learn why she's that way. She lost love to a curse. Which brings up an important question: Queen Regina said the "true love's kiss can break any curse" to Belle. But in Abagail's case, "the gold got in the way" #Charming. So did the queen only say this to Belle because she knew it would break Rumple curse? Either way, it doesn't have much to do with this episode. I'm still in Rumpelle world. So, true love's kiss won't break any curse, but can this 'Lake Nostos'? Could it have something to do with breaking the curse?

And speaking of the curse....what it going on in little Storybrooke, Maine?! I mean, yes, it's a crazy place with a bunch of fairytale character frozen in time, not aging, stuck in a cursed town that kept them oblivious, but still! This is getting over the top!
David and Mary Margaret made me mad tonight! I mean, after the revelation that was "Skin Deep" people were mad about all the hate Mary M and David were getting compared to Rumple and Belle, but then they go and pull this crap on us. You can expect hate when you make David look like an asshole and Mary M look like a tramp. You can expect hate when you make Katherine look even nicer and more hurt, and turn both David and Mary M in to little cowards! Sorry. That's the end of my rant. 
I felt so, so sorry for Katherine here. David was being a coward and didn't do the honorable thing, telling her, so she had to hear it from Regina, and we all could see how that would turn out. Katherine is an innocent bystander to the curse and we have to remember that Regina messed up her life too, not just Snow and Charming's. And now of course she's missing, and we all assume Regina is responsible. Whether it was intentional or not, we don't know, But she cursed the town, she makes bad things happen to anyone who leaves. And what about Frederick...a gym teacher?
I am not exactly warming up to this Emma and 'August W Booth' thing. I'll always be hoping for an Emma/Graham turnout, one way or another. But I have to admit, that thing with the water was sweet, and perhaps good for Emma to know. Although when he said "water is a very powerful thing" I couldn't help laughing. Just the way he said it was ridiculous. But he did return Henry's book which not only was very nice, but also could help Emma's mind open up a little. Maybe not to magic straight up, but to some kind of paranormal thing. Because we've seen already that Emma Swan is an extremely close-minded person. 
Finally, Regina. We now know what those keys are for. She can get anywhere in Storybrooke, which is actually pretty terrifying. But it could also help Emma expose her if she figures it out. What I don't understand is why she felt the need to burn Katherine's letter. David loves Mary M regardless. Did she just want to make him feel worse? Either way, it was a mean thing to do. 
-What happened to Katherine? 
My thought is that Regina may have locked her up with Belle (people are saying her name is Claire in Storybrooke), which could be how Rumple and Belle find each other again. Because they have to find each other again. right? Right!? Anyway, I see that this theory has holes, but it's an interesting thought. 
-Will Katherine and the Gym Teacher find each other again?
-What did August W Booth do to Henry's book?
To me it looked like he added a chapter or so. 

It's called "Dreamy" and it's about how Grumpy became grumpy. He will a have a love interest who is a fairy. Storybrooke will revolve around Katherine's disappearance.
*spoiler* Belle will make a short appearance!  

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  1. I like your input! I like Rumpelle as well. I have to say he is one of my favorite characters. I really like the new guy too. Any thoughts on him? For some reason I am thinking he is the one who wrote the book in the first place?


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