Monday, February 20, 2012

Season 1, Episode 12: Skin Deep

"You could have had happiness if you just believed that someone could want you"-Belle
I've decided to review a the last two episodes, just so you guys can see how I operate. Be warned, I am very critical, and I don't always stay on topic.
This episode was THE BEST of the entire season (following in second is "7:15AM"). I missed it because I went to dinner that night with some friends and family (believe me, I would rather be watching OUAT), and they were playing it at the restaurant. I decided to just watch it the next day because there was no sound and most of what I saw confused me. This episode mostly struck me because of how incredibly heartbreaking it was. In the HIMYM episode "Tick Tick Tick" (I make a lot of HIMYM references), you see Robin walk in with Kevin and break Barney heart and tears well in your eyes, then when you see Barney picking up the rose petals and stuff from Robin's room it all overflows and you're sitting there sobbing like an idiot. This happened about fifty times in "Skin Deep." Making it probably the most emotion episode of any TV show I have ever watched. So, allow me to start reviewing.

By far the better part of the episode. I am not a watcher of "Lost", I've never even seen an episodes, but Emilie De Ravin did a phenomenal job as Belle. I watched "Beauty and the Beast" a few days before watching this and realized they weren't joking when they called it Disney most beloved fairytale. I enjoyed the Gaston thing, it was very Disney. And Rumple turning him into a flower made me laugh.
I recently took a strong liking to Rumple, and was happy to see an episode about him again. He was so vulnerable and so human here it was simply very touching. First he sacrificed his soul to save his son, then he sacrificed his own happiness for Belle. But it was sad, because neither of them got what they wanted. I read before that it seemed like only Snow and Charming got their happy ending in the fairytale world. It seemed ridiculous, but now I wonder if it's true. Cinderella lost her prince, Rumple and Belle lost each other, The genie lost love and was trapped. But are any of these stories really over? The problem with Rumple was started by Belle: he couldn't take the chance. And now he regrets it, even in Storybrooke.
Belle was an extremely lovable character, just as she is in the Disney version of this story. She is a hero, but she also has a pure heart, willing to let in even a beast. This was shown when she fell down after trying to open the curtains and Rumple caught her. It was this moment of insane chemistry that really touches you in a way you wouldn't have thought possible. Then she was able to tell Rumple that it was true love, but he wasn't able to believe her because no one can ever love him. The moment in the dungeon was the saddest part of the episode. He was unable to see that anyone could actually love him. And, for me, this was the most heartbreaking thing of all.
Regina was a real ass in this episode. I know a lot of people like her but I can't stand her. The problem is that no one can honestly hate her or like her until we figure out her motive for the curse, and no one has figured it out yet. Anyway, not the point. The point is that she ruined Rumple and Belle and that was it for me. She killed Graham, which already made me dislike her, but after this I feel like no matter what her motive can't justify this.

Mr. Gold knows. That was probably the most significant piece of information recovered from the Storybrooke segment of this episode. I don't know about you guys, but it took me a second to realize the flower guy was the king, so when Gold was beating him, I really didn't get it, but once I did, it was really sad. As was the end with the cup.
Regina is continuously evil in both worlds. She just had to know Gold knew. So much so she took what he believed was the only remaining piece of the girl he loves.
Emma found Gold beating the flower guy. She knows a little something of him now. And I don't see her letting it go easily.
Ashley and Sean...sweet.
Mary M and David...sad.
Belle...oh dear. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen there...

-Belle will appear in either "Dreamy" or "Red Handed"...can't remember. But will she escape? How? Somehow I think it's up to Gold to set her free...again
-What is Regina's motive for ruining everyone's life? Seriously, it's making me mad.
-The mysterious stranger didn't appear, but still...who is he?
-Gold others know too?

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