Sunday, May 12, 2013

Season 2, Episode 22: "And Straight on Till Morning"

"I will see you again"-Belle
I know that's not the best quote but I couldn't find another one so please forgive me (and make suggestions because I know there were some great quotes in there). 
This finale was INCREDIBLE. Much better than last season, in my opinion, and I think that it is very indicative of a beautiful season 3. So, without further ado. . .

                                                                        THE FAIRYTALE WORLD:
 This was so odd and confusing but at the same time good, I just. . .

Okay, so: Baelfire. I tweeted during the episode that this kid deserves the Best Son Ever award or something like that because MY GOD does that kid love his parents. I honestly expected him to hate his mom and dad for abandoning him, and especially hate Rumple for killing Milah. The fact that he blamed the whole thing on Hook basically proves to me that he trusts and loves his parents more than anything, even if he won't admit it to himself. Bae was so great in this episode. Dylan Schmid is incredible. That is all. 
And then we have Hook. I have said multiple times that I have no idea what the point of his character is, and I am not taking it back, but I kind of liked him in FTL here. I thought it was kind of sweet that he wanted to be a family with Bae and Milah, even though it was definitely selfish. It it well with him, and I liked it. 
This whole Peter Pan Thing is so odd though. It should be very interesting for next season, but right now I have no idea what to think. 
Mulan/Aurora/Phillip(?)/Neal are all back! That's going to be excellent for next season!

Regina was fantastic. Lana Parilla plays her so well and everything about her in this episode was perfect. Also, the Swan Queen moments were excellent. I was very pleased. 
The fact that Henry went over to Regina instead of the Charmings was an incredible move by the writers. It's realistic though. Regina is the one who raised him, and it is only sensible that he go to her at that moment. 
Emma and the Charmings were also great. I honestly just loved everything and everyone in this episode, can you tell?
Hook just needed to pick a side, he was kind of annoying me in SB. 
Greg and Tamara are becoming slightly fascinating.I really want to see what their whole top-secret-agency-thing is about. It's very Lost-esque. I can't wait to see what's going on there. 
My favorite part of this whole deal was definitely Mr. Gold and Belle though. They were absolutely great in every way. I love them together, I love what Eddy and Adam did with them here, and I just love what they have set up. Next season is going to be phenomenal, I can feel it. Especially since Belle is going to be running the town now. It's just going to be great, guys. Absolutely great. 

-How will Henry be Rumple's undoing?
-What's up with Greg and Tamara?
-In case you didn't know, ONCE has been renewed for a season 3. 
-What's up with this Peter Pan freakazoid?
-How are we going to make it till September?
-Is Hook finally over this revenge stuff?
-Ok, so...remember in "The Cricket Game" when Cora killed Archie but it wasn't really Archie? Yeah, who was that?
-What do you think will happen with Neal/Aurora/Mulan/Phillip? Also why is Phillip even there I thought Sleeping Warrior was totally going to happen. 
-What do you think will happen to Henry?

And that's all I've got! I can't believe the season is over! Sometime this week I'm going to make a post that's basically a countdown of all the episodes by order of how much I liked them (and yes, I already know what number 1 is going to be.). So check back here, and I'll update you guys on twitter @OUAFanBlog. I love you all, have a fantastic summer, and stay magical!

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